78th Legislature, Third Called Session




HB 2 – Krusee/Ogden – Relating to the construction, acquisition, financing, maintenance, management, operation, ownership, and control of transportation facilities and the progress, improvement, policing, and safety of transportation in the state; making appropriations.


This bill makes several changes to the omnibus transportation legislation (HB 3588) passed during the regular session.


·        The primary purpose of these amendments was to move fee revenue appropriated to the Texas Mobility Fund for this biennium back into the general revenue fund and thereby freeing up almost $232 million in federal fiscal relief funds which the comptroller had originally utilized to certify the General Appropriations Act.


·        The fiscal relief funds are now available for appropriations as directed in the General Appropriations Act including appropriations to the health related institutions.


·        Effective date:  January 11, 2004.



HB 7 – Swinford/Ogden.  Relating to the reorganization of, efficiency in, and other reform measures applying to governmental entities and certain regulatory practices; providing a penalty.


This bill amends numerous areas of the law.  The amendments include:

















HB 28 – McCall/Bivins – Relating to state and local government fiscal management, including various matters related to increasing administrative efficiency in state government; making related appropriations.


This bill amends numerous sections of the current law including:












HB 37 – Bonnen/Ogden – Relating to contracts and grant programs related to the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan; making appropriations.


As a result of the Governor’s veto of the appropriations for the Texas Council on Environmental Technology, this bill transfers the duties and responsibilities of the council to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  The council will continue to exist and act in an advisory role to the commission regarding the technology research and development program.  Effective date:  Immediately.