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Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)

The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) offers an authentic approach to the improvement of teaching and learning in higher education through a continuous improvement model, and recognizes faculty as central actors in educational improvement efforts. The CLA assists faculty, department chairs, school administrators and others interested in programmatic change to improve teaching and learning, particularly with respect to strengthening higher order skills. Click here to go to CLA website.

The value-added scores measure how the difference in freshman and senior scores for an institution compare to other participating institutions. The value-added scores reported in the table below for TTU also show whether this value is “Below” (between -1.00 and -2.00 standard deviations), “Near” (between -1.00 and +1.00), or “Above” (between +1.00 and +2.00) expected. Note that there is no value-added score for 2008/2009 because TTU freshman did not participate in the fall of 2008.


The below table shows how the TTU samples compare to the national samples from each year in performance task scores and analytic writing task scores.