Outreach & Engagement Measurement Instrument


The Outreach and Engagement Measurement Instrument (OEMI) is an online survey developed by Michigan State University in 2003 for the purpose of increasing public understanding of a university’s outreach and engagement efforts. In 2010, Texas Tech University adopted a new Strategic Plan, Making it possible…; Priority 4 of the plan proposed to Further Outreach and Engagement.
The OEMI was selected as a method to provide benchmark information on the outreach and engagement activity at Texas Tech. The OEMI utilizes the following definition of outreach and engagement: “professional activities conducted for the direct benefits of audiences external to the respondent’s institution.”
Working together, representatives of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), Angelo State University (ASU) and Texas Tech University (TTU) refined the OEMI to meet the needs of a multi-institutional administration. Under the leadership of Valerie Paton, Vice Provost for Planning and Assessment, the Office of Planning and Assessment at Texas Tech University administered a modified version of the OEMI to faculty and professional staff of the TTU System in November and December of 2009. Faculty and staff members from TTU, TTUHSC, and ASU received an online invitation to complete the survey from TTU Provost Robert Smith as well as multiple reminders until the survey was closed in early 2010.

This report summarizes the responses received from the TTU community (TTUHSC and ASU agreed to conduct their own analyses of data received from their respective campus communities).
For more information on OEMI contact, Dr. Birgit Green. For more information on the report contact Dr. Craig Morton at Office of Planning & Assessment.