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 In 2010, Texas Tech University revised its 5-year institutional strategic plan, Making it possible. This plan will guide university activity and development through 2015. Your submitted report will provide the university administration with evidence that your department or unit is operating in line with the vision, mission, and five strategic priorities in the strategic plan. Evidence reported by each unit will help the university to track accomplishments across campus, and ensure that all unit activities are coherent with TTU’s strategic goals. Your annual report will address the following strategic priorities from the 2010 plan:  Increase Enrollment and Promote Student Success, Strengthen Academic Quality and Reputation, Expand and Enhance Research, Further Outreach and Engagement, Increase and Maximize Resources.
You will enter quantitative or qualitative data into TSO (TracDat SharePoint Option) for each priority to show how your unit has met each of these outcomes. Every unit is different: not all departments are academic or do direct research work, and so each unit’s report will include different kinds of data and responses. Your report will be complete as long as it addresses all five priorities and provides narrative or numerical data relevant to your unit as evidence for meeting each one. Data that you enter into the TSO database is reviewed by our office. OPA uses the data as evidence for internal and external reports to the university president, Board of Regents, and regional accrediting agencies. The Office of Planning and Assessment (OPA) has prepared a strategic plan data chart showing the kinds of data that you might enter. This report, Strategic Plan Data Chart, is located under Shared Documents on the right hand side of the TTU Strategic Plan Report TSO site. If you need help identifying other appropriate data or need access to the report site , contact Katie Garner Randolph in the Office of Planning and Assessment for assistance.  Katie can be reached by telephone at (806) 742-1505 or by email at katie.randolph@ttu.edu.





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Strategic Planning Report Deadlines
  • May 1st: Center, Institute, & Non-Academic Departmental reports
  • June 15th: Academic Departmental level reports
  • July 1st: College level reports
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