Brit Swanson

Brit Swanson originally from Dallas, Texas, is the Unit Associate Director and an Attorney at Law for Student Legal Services. She has been at Texas Tech University for the past eight years. “Student Legal Services (SLS) provides legal advice, counsel and limited representation for currently enrolled students at TTU/TTUHSC. Services include document preparation, notary, advising, and research. The attorneys can represent students in landlord/tenant disputes, name changes, essential needs licenses, expunctions, some misdemeanors, and small claims consumer disputes” ( Brit Swanson leads many of the assessment activities for Student Legal Services and has helped SLS become well respected among their peers. She is committed to using assessment to determine which legal services are most valuable to students and to measure the impact services have on retention and student learning. Currently, SLS uses an iTouch to electronically capture assessment data along with analytic software from Campus Labs for data analysis. This helps SLS to “close the assessment loop” by having an easy way to capture and review assessment data. Regarding Brit Swanson’s assessment leadership, Jill Stangl, Director of Student Legal Services, has the following to say about Brit’s contribution to SLS, “I feel Brit has greatly impacted our departmental assessment efforts by learning as much as she can about assessment in higher education and then applying that knowledge to our non-academic department. She has led the effort for Student Legal Services and has been very successful at creating buy-in with our team.” When Brit is not busy with her primary responsibilities in Student Legal Services or actively involved with assessment, she enjoys spending time with her family, home improvement projects, and Zumba. Additionally, Brit and her husband have the goal of visiting each of the 50 states with their kids before they are grown. Thank you, Brit Swanson, for the hard work you do to ensure students receive the representation they need and for implementing data driven decision making as part of the process!

Phil Flamm

Phil Flamm is a core course instructor for the Rawls College of Business in the Information Systems and Quantitative Sciences Area. He teaches Introduction to Operations Management at the undergraduate level and several MBA enhancement topics. Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Professor Flamm has been at Texas Tech for nine years. He became involved with assessment early in his teaching career when he noticed that one of the key areas reviewed for university accreditation purposes is assessment of student learning. He took this opportunity to explore potential methods of assessment, including embedding assessment into course work. Professor Flamm has developed his competency with assessment by utilizing exams, Personal Response System “clicker” questions, online quantitative homework assignments, and focus groups. For his small lab sessions, he asks student teams to prepare a business plan for a manufacturing start-up, utilizing concepts from business disciplines with peer reviews. Student teams submit a written version of their business plan, which assesses their writing skills in addition to one of the Student Learning Outcomes for the ISQS Area: “Develop creative solutions to management information systems problems as they relate to the operations of a business.” Additionally, Phil Flamm assesses student knowledge of ethical operations management issues twice a semester in the lecture sessions. From this data, he can adjust lecture material for clarity in the area of ethics. This approach also helps to satisfy one of the Student Learning Outcomes for the ISQS Area: “Students will be able to identify ethical dilemmas and make appropriate ethical decisions in the business context of information technology and systems operations.” Commenting on Phil Flamm’s contribution to the College of Business through the use of assessment, Glenn J. Browne, Area Coordinator for ISQS and Professor of Information Systems and Endowed Professor of ISQS for the Rawls College of Business, gave the following statement, "Phillip is a progressive and innovative instructor who attempts to build significant assessment mechanisms into his curriculum.” When commenting on Professor Flamm’s assessment methods, Glenn Browne added, “These methods, among others, provide important opportunities for assessing learning outcomes." When Phil has the opportunity to get away from work, he keeps busy with gardening and landscaping. He is also a big fan of sports, especially Texas Tech. Phil would like to make it to the Super Bowl or NCAA Championship football game someday. Thank you, Phil Flamm, for your commitment to student learning! You are a true assessment leader.