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Texas Tech University PPI Requirements

If you are applying to graduate programs in Industrial Engineering, Chemistry, Political Science, Mathematics, or MFA: Painting & Drawing, you will be required to have a minimum of three (3) evaluators complete the ETS® Personal Potential Index (PPI) on your behalf. Please let your evaluators know that they will be receiving an invitation by email to complete the PPI. Applicants to other graduate programs at Texas Tech University are also welcome to have their recommenders complete the PPI, as doing so will provide the program to which an applicant is applying with information “about six key attributes that graduate deans and faculty have identified as essential for graduate study: knowledge and creativity, resilience, communication skills, planning and organization, teamwork, and ethics and integrity.

The PPI is a third-party evaluative tool administered by ETS® (the developers of the GRE®). Applicants to the five listed programs above can complete the PPI at no cost because these programs are part of a national PPI validation study. If you are applying to one of these five programs, please complete the consent form listed under Step 1 below to acknowledge whether or not you consent to have your information be a part of this study. Although all applicants to these five programs are asked to complete the PPI as part of the application process, consenting to have your information included in the study is optional and will have no effect on your admission to Texas Tech or the cost of completing the PPI.

Other applicants who choose to complete the PPI for their application to other graduate programs at Texas Tech University will be required to pay the regular fee charged by ETS®.

You can create an ETS PPI account and review the ETS PPI Information Bulletin, which explains the service, at http://www.ets.org/ppi/applicants/start/.

How do I begin the PPI?

  1. Create an account at: http://www.ets.org/ppi/applicants/start/.
  2. Log in to your ETS PPI account to begin the process.
  3. Provide contact information for the evaluators you would like to complete an ETS PPI evaluation.
  4. ETS sends an email to each evaluator inviting them to access the ETS PPI system and complete your evaluation.
  5. Each evaluator logs in to the ETS PPI system to rate you on six personal attributes and provide an overall evaluation. Evaluators also may provide optional comments for each attribute as well as for the overall rating.
  6. You are notified via e-mail when each time that one of your evaluators completes their PPI.
  7. **THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP**Once all of your evaluators have completed their PPI reports, you must log back into your PPI account and send a final report to the Texas Tech University Office of Planning and Assessment. Our office cannot access your PPI recommendations until you complete this step. This will prevent your application from being considered complete.
  8. Once you submit it, ETS creates an evaluation report and sends it to the Texas Tech University Office of Planning and Assessment. An electronic version is typically received within 48 hours and a paper copy arrives within 2 weeks.

View a sample PPI Report

The evaluators that you choose should be individuals that you believe are best able to objectively comment on your intellectual and professional achievements and potential.

We may call or write your recommenders for more information.

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