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Student and academic support, administrative services, and community services are referenced as non-instructional programs at Amarillo College. These non-instructional programs significantly impact student/client satisfaction and other factors that ultimately lead to increased student/client retention and success. However, non-instructional programs are often put on the backburner and are not held to the same accountability standards as instructional programs. In this session, Amarillo College will discuss its non-instructional assessment practices that put an increased focus on accountability, guide the institution toward improvement, and meet the compliance demands outlined by the 2012 SACSCOC reaffirmation process (CS,, and

Kara Larkan

Kara Larkan-Skinner, M.A.

Director of Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness
Amarillo College

Kara Larkan-Skinner has over 10 years of experience in the fields of evaluation, assessment and research. She joined Amarillo College as the Director of Outcomes Assessments and was later promoted to Director of Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness. Kara was integral to the inception of general education competency assessment, advanced the culture of evidence-based decision making, remains actively involved in all areas of institutional effectiveness and research, and regularly engages Amarillo College in data discussions.

Kristin McDonald-Willey

Kristin McDonald-Willey, M.Ed.

Assessments Coordinator
Amarillo College

Kristin McDonald-Willey is the Assessments Coordinator for Amarillo College. She coordinates all assessment activities, including general education competency assessment and the assessment of instructional and non-instructional programs. Additionally, she assists with all institutional effectiveness efforts. Prior to joining Amarillo College, Kristin spent five years working at West Texas A&M University in the enrollment management division. Kristin uses her past experience to bridge potential gaps between Amarillo College's Student Affairs and Planning and Advancement Divisions.