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The planning of a QEP cannot account for all the issues that arise once implementation begins. Therefore, those directing the initiative must make necessary adjustments that enable a successful venture. This may involve additional assessments and changes that were not anticipated. However, along with this come the victories that can be celebrated throughout the institution, helping everyone recognize how the institution's quality is enhanced. Inevitably, lessons are learned. These realizations, which only come after implementation begins, will be addressed in this session in hopes of aiding others as they navigate this process.

Holly Bullard

Holly Bullard, Ed.D.

QEP Director
Associate Professor of Education

Lubbock Christian University

Dr. Holly R. Bullard is an Associate Professor of Education and serves as QEP Director for Lubbock Christian University. She completed her doctorate in Special Education and Reading at Texas Tech University in 2003. In her role as EquipLCU Director, she facilitates sessions with faculty members as they work to infuse critical thinking within their courses. She works with a team to provide interdisciplinary professional development and to assess the effectiveness of the QEP. LCU is in its fifth year of implementation.