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Energy Management Savings

Energy Management Savings

Cumulative dollar savings since the creation of the Office of Energy Management.

For FY16, the campus consumed 151.79 kbtu/ft2, a decrease of 0.38 kbtu/ft2 (-0.2%) from the previous year. The goal was to reduce energy use to 150.5 kbtu/ft2. Texas Tech fell short of the goal by 1.15 kbtu/ft2 for the following reasons:

  • Research space increased by 112,145 ft2 and increased the EUI by 1.13 kbtu/ft2. Research space is more energy intensive than other spaces, so an increase in research space will decrease the campus efficiency.
  • Operations Division discontinued their practice of securing steam to campus during the summer, which impacted the EUI by 1.06 kbtu/ft2. This measure was implemented to accommodate new building air handler design, reduce the maintenance effort, reduce the incidents of tuning errors, and allow for steam system audits and the correction of root causes of energy waste. The electronic maintenance foreman reports that 19 steam valves were repaired or replaced this summer. Energy Management will monitor the impact of these ongoing efforts by cusum analysis.
  • Winter storm Goliath increased the EUI by 0.25 kbtu/ft2. Texas Tech reported to FEMA a cost estimate of $31,591 due to energy used December 26-29, the three most severe days of the storm.

The energy expense increased by $283,163 this year due to space increases, though efficiency (EUI) improved slightly.

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