Operations Division

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Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan

Operations Division Departments

Building Maintenance & Construction

The Building Maintenance and Construction Department is dedicated to providing a quality environment for teaching and research at Texas Tech University.
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Business & Administrative Services

Operations Division Business and Administrative Services (ODBAS) provides direct support to the Operations Division through departmental marketing services, employee support.
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Engineering Services

Engineering Services provides architectural, electrical, and mechanical support for all design and renovation of existing structures on campus.
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Grounds Maintenance

The goal of Operations Grounds Maintenance is to provide a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing campus for all students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community.
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Planning & Administration

Planning & Administration’s primary role is space planning, information management, and information analysis with the core responsibility of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating facilities information that can be used to inform Texas Tech University decisions.
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Operations Services ensures daily custodial and waste disposal services as well as the new Red Raider Shredding Service which works in conjunction with The Office of Sustainability .
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The primary responsibility of the Section of Utilities is to provide manufactured utilities to the Texas Tech campus, the Health Sciences Center, and more.
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Facilities Allocation Council
Space Allocation Committee