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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 32.26: Faculty Departure Notification Procedure

DATE: September 14, 2006

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to ensure understanding and a standardized approach to faculty departure notification procedure.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in May of even-numbered years by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs with recommended revisions presented to the Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (PSVPAA) by June 15.


1.  The following procedure should be followed for faculty, visiting faculty, and lecturers paid in whole or in part from faculty salaries.

a.    The faculty member should notify the chairperson of intention to terminate as early in the year as possible.

b.    The chairperson of the area or department will notify the dean and request continuance or termination of the anticipated position vacancy. The chairperson will initiate a Personnel Action Form (PAF) (see attachment) for the incumbent. Reasons for departure (retirement, resignation, terminal appointment) are to be indicated on the form.

c.    The dean will:

(1)    Process the change of status; and

(2)    Notify the exit interview committee chairperson.

d.    The exit interview committee will interview the faculty member and make a report to the academic dean.

e.    The Office of the PSVPAA will process the PAF for the terminating member.

f.    The dean will counsel with the chairperson regarding:

(1)    Replacement or allocation changes;

(2)    The level of employment or replacement, if any; and

(3) Exit interview information.

g.    Annually by September 15, the dean will provide the PSVPAA with an exit interview summary for faculty who departed during the year.

2.  Procedures for the employment process for faculty, including replacements, are outlined in OP 32.16.

3.  The following procedures will guide the departure notification and replacement procedures for teaching assistants and others filling "all other faculty" positions.

a.    The individual is to notify the chairperson when termination occurs.

b.    The chairperson initiates a PAF and routes it to the dean to terminate the individual.

c.    The dean will:

(1)    Process the PAF;

(2)    Maintain a record of faculty; and

(3)    Route the form to the graduate dean.

d.    The graduate dean will:

(1)    Process the PAF; and

(2)    Maintain FTE utilization data for teaching assistants by department and college.

e.    The chairperson requests from the dean replacements for "all other faculty" positions.

f.    Chairpersons should make strong and continuing efforts to include members of minority and protected groups within the applicant pool for "all other faculty" positions. When the applicant pool attracts minority and other members of protected groups, the chairperson should be prepared to justify to the dean appointments that are made that do not include such members.

4.  A PAF is required to terminate the employment of a faculty member any time the employee is separated from the university. Faculty employees will be placed on leave without pay when funding ceases unless a PAF is processed to terminate the employee.

5.  Other OPs that may also relate to faculty departure and replacement and that should be reviewed include:

OP 32.14 on Exit Interviews of Departing Faculty
OP 32.16 on Faculty Recruitment Procedure
OP 32.17 on Faculty Appointments and Titles
OP 32.27 on Review of Prospective Faculty
OP 32.28 on Faculty Applicants not Holding Doctoral Degrees in Departments/Areas Requiring the Doctorate


Attachment: Personnel Action Form

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