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[Revised and posted 9/15/06]
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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 32.34: Approval of Faculty in Non Tenure-acquiring Ranks

DATE: September 15, 2006

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to ensure understanding of standards and procedures concerning approval of faculty employed in non tenure-acquiring ranks

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in August of even-numbered years by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs with recommended revisions presented to the Provost/ Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (PSVPAA) by September 1.


1.  The Texas Tech University policy on tenure, Section 04.02.3.c, Regents' Rules (Types of Appointment), states that special full-time appointments that do not acquire tenure are:

Visiting Assistant Professor/Visiting Associate Professor/Visiting Professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor/Adjunct Associate Professor/Adjunct Professor
Research Scientist/Research Professor

Although faculty with the above full-time appointments do not acquire tenure, persons serving in these positions have academic freedom and, after six years, can only be dismissed for adequate cause. Individuals dismissed for adequate cause shall be entitled to due process in accordance with the faculty grievance procedure.

Appointment to the above ranks can be continued beyond six years only by majority vote of the tenured faculty of the academic unit (department/area, college, or school) in which the position is placed and subject to the approval of the responsible dean and the PSVPAA. Faculty members whose duties are appropriate to tenured and probationary faculty shall not be given the ranks listed above.

2.  The official vote of the tenured faculty should be made at a time and under conditions designated by the responsible administrator or the academic unit in the fifth year of full-time employment.

3.  If the vote of the tenured faculty is positive and if the responsible dean and the PSVPAA approve, the individual in a special appointment status will be appointed for the subsequent year and annual votes thereafter will not be required.

4.  If the vote to continue the individual for the next year is negative and/or if the responsible dean and the PSVPAA do not approve the appointment, notification of termination will be made as outlined in OP 32.01, Section 6.

5.  It is incumbent upon each unit employing persons under this status to maintain a system of evaluation for these individuals both before and after the fifth year. Annual reports must be provided as for other faculty.

6.  It is expected that appointments under this section will be very limited and the roles for such appointees specifically prescribed. Careful management, including goal setting by and with the faculty member, evaluation and advisement by chairs and deans, as well as care in making assignments within the policy, will be necessary for the long-range benefit of the unit and the faculty member.

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