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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 61.29: Furniture, Floor Covering, Wall Covering, Window Treatment, and other Interior Design Services

DATE: November 7, 2013

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to establish the design and review process for furniture, floor covering, wall covering, window treatment, and other interior design services. This OP applies to all university users: academic, administrative, and auxiliary. Installations not complying with this OP are subject to removal at the user's expense. This OP is intended to ensure that projects comply with the university design and construction standards, life safety codes, handicapped accessibility, building codes, and other administrative procedures, as mandated by the state Legislature and the Board of Regents of the Texas Tech University System.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in September of each year by the Director of Interior Design, Facilities Planning and Construction, and the Managing Director of Operations Division Engineering Services with substantive revisions forwarded to the Assistant Vice President for Operations to the Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Financial Officer and the Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning and Construction.


1.  Requests for furniture, floor covering, wall covering, window treatment, and other interior design services will be handled by the Office of Facilities Planning and Construction (FP&C) or by Operations Division Engineering Services (ODES), depending on the project size. New construction projects costing more than $1 million and renovation projects costing more than $2 million will be managed by FP&C; project requests below these amounts will be managed by ODES.

It is recommended that the selection, procurement, and installation of furniture, floor covering, wall covering, window treatment, and other interior items be made by Texas Tech licensed interior designers. The offices of both FP&C and ODES have a staff of licensed professionals who are experienced in the design and construction of university facilities and whose function is to assist the user from the development stage to the completion of projects. These professionals are familiar with applicable codes and standards, as well as alternatives and options available for progressing through the project, and they will assist the user in the development of a project schedule.

FP&C/ODES will assist the user in developing project costs and will evaluate the resulting infrastructure costs - life cycle, repair, replacement, and maintenance costs. FP&C/ODES will evaluate the project regarding impact to adjacent users and facilities.

All departmental requests for furniture, floor covering, wall covering, window treatment, and other interior finishes must be reviewed by FP&C/ODES. Requests that require building construction and renovation will follow the procedures outlined in OP 61.28 and as follows.

2.  A department requiring furniture, other than that available on state contract, or wishing preliminary design services will submit a written request to ODES (Mail Stop 3142) or to FP&C (Mail Stop 2014). Departments may also go to the website: http://www.physicalplant.ttu.edu/ and enter an electronic work request.

All upholstered furniture, including items available from state contract, shall comply with California Bulletin #117 flammability standards. All open-office systems furniture shall comply with ASTM E-84 flammability standards. Wall coverings shall meet NFPA Class A interior finish requirements. Drapery/window treatment shall comply with NFPA 701 code. The standard color for window treatments as viewed from the exterior of a building shall be Levolor #112 Alabaster or the equivalent of #112 Alabaster. Carpet must meet or exceed the Federal Flammability Standard (DOC-FF-1-70) Pill Test, meet NFPA Class 1 ASTM E-648 glue down, and NBS Smoke Chamber NFPA-258 less than 450.

Furniture projects costing less than $1,000 will be returned to the department with recommendations for department implementation. It is highly recommended that departments consult FP&C/ODES when purchasing furniture. Furniture projects in excess of $1,000 shall be forwarded to ODES, unless the furniture is part of an FP&C construction project. Floor covering, window treatment, wall covering, and other interior finish projects will be handled as follows:

a.    An FP&C/ODES project manager will be assigned to each project. All requests will be handled on a first in/first out basis. Consideration for special processing must be obtained by directing a request to the vice chancellor for FP&C or the director of Engineering Services.

b.    An initial meeting will be scheduled with the requestor to initiate the design process. This phase will include the review of available funds and the determination of probable project cost. FP&C/ODES will provide product information and cost estimates only at this stage. PROJECTS WILL NOT BE INITIATED UNTIL THE REQUESTING DEPARTMENT ISSUES AN ACCOUNT NUMBER TO FP&C/ODES. It is the responsibility of the requesting department to assure adequate funds are available to meet the project's cost requirements, and that the user's supervisor has approved the expenditure of such funds for said purposes.

c.    FP&C and ODES will provide a pallet of material and finish selections. The project designer will assist the user in selecting appropriate materials for each project's application from this pallet.

d.    At the completion of the selection phase, FP&C/ODES will begin the state's required procurement process and will prepare all necessary forms. The period required will be dependent on the dollar amounts involved and the source of funds.

e.    After bids/proposals have been received, FP&C/ODES will contact the requestor for verbal approval prior to awarding to the successful firm.

f.    Upon arrival of furniture, floor covering, wall covering, window treatment, and other interior items, FP&C/ODES will schedule installation with users and supervise the installation. The FP&C/ODES project designer has the authority to accept or reject goods as per university standards. The FP&C/ODES project designer will approve all payments to vendors.

g.    The installer will be responsible for protection of university property, for repair and replacement of damaged property, and for leaving the project site clean and free of construction debris.

3.  The Board of Regents has mandated that Texas Tech shall comply with applicable codes, and the administration has approved certain design standards; therefore, it is highly recommended that departments consult FP&C/ODES when purchasing furniture, floor covering, wall covering, window treatment, and other interior items in order to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and the university design and construction manual. It will be the responsibility of the department to fund the replacement of furniture, floor covering, wall covering, window treatment, and other interior items that have not been submitted for review to FP&C/ODES and are not in compliance. Furnishings that do not comply must be removed and disposed of according to the university policy.

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