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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 61.39: Use of the International Cultural Center

DATE: June 13, 2016

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to establish a written basis for the use of the International Cultural Center (ICC), a facility managed by the Office of International Affairs (OIA), Texas Tech University.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in April of even-numbered years by the Vice Provost for International Affairs/Associate Vice Provost for International Programs of OIA with substantive revisions presented to the Senior Vice Provost and the Provost and Senior Vice President.


The policy for the use of the ICC facilities is designed to clarify facility and grounds use standards and practices to enhance the university and public educational, research, and recreational purposes of the facility. The OIA is authorized and encouraged to make the ICC available for rental by individuals or groups for the following types of events: private events and functions for local entities designated as charitable organizations under IRC Section 501(c), including fund raising events for such organizations.


1.  Guidelines

a.    Agreements and commitments concerning space and services at the ICC must be mediated through the administration of the OIA, which manages the ICC. The Vice Provost for International Affairs/Associate Vice Provost for International Programs of OIA is the university's designated agent in determining appropriate practices regarding ICC personnel, facilities, and equipment.

b.    University, civic, support groups, and other non-profit organizations may make reservations for space and services if they qualify under university and ICC policies. These facilities, equipment, grounds, and personnel, may not be utilized for political, religious, or commercial interests. This includes, but is not limited to, such activities as political rallies or fund-raisers, religious ceremonies, and filming of commercial advertisements. The ICC may not appear to endorse any political party or cause, religious faith, or commercial product.

c.    Specific rooms and areas of the ICC are designated for special events, meetings, catered meals, lectures, symposia, etc. OIA's Senior Director for International Operations and Outreach/Facility & Events Manager will act as the point of contact for all space and services reservations for the ICC. That office will maintain a list of available designated areas, make reservations for these, keep records, and coordinate facility preparation activities. Charges for using ICC resources will be assessed to reserving groups to help defray costs for security personnel, equipment depreciation, and facility maintenance and preparation.

d.    OIA's Senior Director for International Operations and Outreach/Facility & Events Manager also serves as a point of contact with university building and grounds maintenance services. This office supervises facilities, custodial, security, exhibits, carpentry, and divisional personnel and activities. All requests for repairs, access, modification, renovations, or other facility concerns shall be directed through this office.

e.    All before and after-hour activities at the ICC will require the presence of an OIA representative. If an event has been approved for the serving of alcoholic beverages, official security must be present.

f.    Use or modification of grounds within or adjacent to the ICC facilities must be approved through the proper university departments. Requests for such usage should be forwarded through OIA's Facility & Events Manager. Typically, grounds maintenance, the Department of Risk Management, and OIA administration must approve any grounds usage requests. OIA's Facility & Events Manager and the Grounds Maintenance Director must approve modifications to grounds.

g.    Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in ICC facilities or on the grounds without special written permission from the Office of the President or the Office of the Chancellor. Approvals must be submitted in writing to OIA's Facility & Events Manager far enough in advance prior to the event to assure enough time to obtain authorization.

h.    Smoking is not permitted within the facility.

i.    Modification or rearrangement of ICC facilities, equipment, or materials for special events or group activities must be approved in advance by OIA's Facility & Events Manager. Renovations of existing facilities and/or construction of new facilities must be channeled through the appropriate university departments.

j.    Groups that reserve ICC space will be responsible for the care of that space during the event and for cleanup afterwards. Costs to affray damage to the facility through negligence or abuse will be assessed to the responsible group. If OIA personnel are required to do cleanup following an activity, additional charges may be assessed to the reserving group.

k.    No weapons or firearms are allowed in the ICC or its grounds.

l.    Open flames are prohibited in the ICC building; votives or candles enclosed in hurricane globes are permitted in the Hall of Nations only.

2.  Reservation Procedure

Any organization sanctioned by the university may reserve an area of the ICC under the guidelines set forth by OIA. The OIA reserves the right to refuse rental of space to any organization or group where special circumstances have deemed it appropriate to do so by the Vice Provost for International Affairs/Associate Vice Provost for International Programs.


Attachment A: Reservation Contract

Attachment B: International Cultural Center Room Reservation Form

Attachment C: Invoice example

Attachment D: Post Event Questionnaire

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