OP 62.33: Salary Increases on Restricted Accounts

DATE: March 18, 2002

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to provide a policy for providing salary increases to Texas Tech University (TTU) employees who are paid from current restricted accounts.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed by October 1 of every odd-numbered year by the Associate Vice President for Research with recommendations for change presented to the Vice President for Research by November 15.



 1.   TTU employees paid from externally sponsored accounts (research contracts or grants, training grants, and other restricted funds) may be awarded salary increases only at the beginning of a new academic year (September 1), on the anniversary date of a multiyear grant or contract, or at other times consistent with increases awarded to employees paid from state accounts.  In accordance with established federal policy, salary increases from federal funding sources must be commensurate with and comparable to salary increases provided to TTU employees from state appropriated funds.  Texas Tech University extends the federal policy to include all current restricted accounts (fund ranges 1300 through 1502).

 2.   Salary adjustments to accommodate equity concerns, increased job responsibilities or    a change in employee title or status, e.g., completion of a master's degree and initiation of a doctoral program, are allowable at the end of academic terms.  Only one such adjustment per year is permitted.  In these cases, complete and accurate justification must accompany the Personnel Action Form (PAF).

 3.   Exceptions to the above policy may be granted by the Vice President for Research only when extraordinary circumstances warrant such action.  Increases of 10 percent or greater will require approval from the President and the Board of Regents unless the annual increase, computed on a full-time (100 percent), 12-month basis, amounts to $2,000 or less.