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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 74.13: TTU Safety Committees

DATE: January 15, 2016

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy and Procedure (OP) is to provide guidance and assistance in the implementation of the various TTU safety programs.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in September of every fourth year by the Assistant Vice President for Research (Environmental Health and Safety) the Institutional Official for Animal Care, and the Chair of the Protection of Human Subjects Committee (i.e., Institutional Review Board) with substantive revisions forwarded through the Associate Vice President for Research (Responsible Research) to the Vice President for Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer and the Vice President for Research.


1.  TTU is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its students, employees, and visitors. To accomplish this goal, a number of safety committees have been established, each with specific areas of responsibilities. The Safety Advisory Committee will coordinate the exchange of information among safety committees. Membership on the Safety Advisory Committee consists of ex officio members, as designated in this OP. The Managing Director of Environmental Health and Safety will chair the committee.

2.  Organization

The institutional safety committees will be organized under the Safety Advisory Committee (see attachment).

3.  Safety Advisory Committee

a.    Charge

The TTU Safety Advisory Committee is established to facilitate coordination and communication among university safety committees in compliance with the Texas Administrative Code and the executive order referenced below. The Safety Advisory Committee reports to the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, through whom it may make recommendations concerning safety and health policies, procedures, and remedial action, which are to be implemented on an institution-wide basis. At least once per year, it will provide a summary report on university safety issues. Creation of the Safety Advisory Committee does not change the reporting lines for existing safety committees.

These reporting lines are set forth in the separate operating policies for each committee. Environmental Health and Safety will provide administrative and technical support for the Safety Advisory Committee.

b.    References

(1)    Texas Administrative Code, Title 28, Part 4, Chapter 251, Subchapter D, Rule §251.402, Accident Prevention Rules

(2)    Texas Administrative Code, Title 28, Part 4, Chapter 251, Subchapter D, Rule §251.404, National Safety Council Guidelines

(3)    Texas Governor's Executive Order GWB 95-8, Relating to workplace safety and health of state employees, citizens served, and preservation of state property, signed June 29, 1995.

c.    Membership

The committee membership will be constituted as indicated below.


Safety Advisory Committee Members
Texas Tech Police Chief
Managing Director of Risk Management
Fire Marshall
Managing Director, Environmental Health & Safety/Chair, Radiation/Laser Safety Committee
Chair, Institutional Biosafety and Hazardous Materials Committee
Institutional Official for Animal Care
Chair, Protection of Human Subjects Committee (IRB)
Institutional Biosafety Officer
Institutional Animal Care and Use Coordinator
Human Research Protection Program Manager


4. Institutional Safety Committees

The following committees constitute TTU institutional safety committees with safety responsibilities:


Standing Institutional Safety Committees
Safety Advisory Committee
Radiation/Laser Safety Committee
Institutional Biosafety and Hazardous Material Committee
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Protection of Human Subjects Committee (IRB)


5.  The TTU campuses at Abilene, Fredericksburg, Junction, and Marble Falls shall establish a Regional Campus Safety Committee to meet the unique needs of their respective campus. Membership to each of these committees is appointed by the Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs upon recommendations made by the administration at the regional center. The term of appointment will be for three years. Minutes of TTU remote campus committee meetings will be provided to the TTU Safety Advisory Committee.

6.  The bylaws governing the respective committees will be provided for review by the Safety Advisory Committee. Environmental Health and Safety will maintain copies of committee bylaws.


Attachment: Organization Chart of the Safety Advisory Committee

Operating Policies & Procedures