Effort Reporting

Effort Reporting is TTUs means of providing assurance to sponsors that::

1) Salaries charged to sponsored projects are reasonable in relation to the work performed, and

2) Faculty and staff have met their commitments to sponsored projects.



Mandatory effort training for faculty is now available through Human Resources Professional Development. Please click on the following link to take the online course:



The 2015 Semi-annual 1 effort certification will be released to faculty on July 16, 2015. Please review the effort certification timeline for semi-annual 1 below for important due dates.

Effort Coordinators

If you are a new effort coordinator who has not already taken the Effort Coordinator training or if you would like to request additional training please contact aj.arteaga@ttu.edu

Effort Certification: Logging in and Getting Started

Online Training for Faculty/Pls

Online Training for Deans/Chairs

MANDATORY TRAINING FOR ALL CERTIFIERS. It is strongly recommended that online training be completed before certifying effort in the ECRT system.

Log Into ECRT

Quick-Start Guide to Certifying Effort in ECRT

Helpful guide on how to log into ECRT and certify effort.

Effort Certification Timeline - Semi-Annual 1

Effort Certification Timeline - Semi-Annual 2

Effort Coordinator Contact List

Effort Glossary



Effort Reporting FAQ


Effort 101: Everything you need to know about Effort Certification - A PowerPoint overview.

Certifier Training Videos:
How to Certify my Effort

Reporting Role Training Videos:

How to Run Reports in ECRT

Effort Coordinator Training PowerPoint Slides


ECRT Reports Overview

Complete reference guide for running reports in ECRT

Audits with Effort Reporting Findings for Other Universities

A quick look at how incompliance with effort reporting regulations can lead to severe penalties.

Operating Policies:
65.02 – Effort Commitment and Certification
65.04 – Cost Transfers
74.16 – Institutional Base Pay

Labor Redistribution Form & Request for Recertification Form