Raider Research University

RRU 03: Proposal Development and Acceptance

This course delivers an overview of the proposal development and submission processes at TTU and provides departmental research administrators with the knowledge and resources necessary to efficiently and effectively support principal investigators during this phase of the award management process.

After completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the different types of sponsored projects
  • Understand how to apply governing regulations, policies, and guidelines when developing proposals including cost share, submission deadlines, and budgetary restrictions
  • Locate and maximize the various resources available to department administrators, including agency contacts
  • Identify the most common proposal documents and content including the abstract, proposal narrative, bibliography, scope of work, biographical sketch, current and pending items, budget and justifications, and certifications and assurances
  • Develop proposal documents and budgets that adhere to agency and institutional requirements, including an overview of best practices for cost sharing
  • Identify and use the appropriate proposal submission platform (e.g. Fastlane, NSPIRES, Cayuse, etc.)
  • Guide investigators through the internal routing process to ensure proposals comply with institutional approval requirements