Dr. & Mrs. Bob Carr

"OLLI is a great place for people over 50 to go to 'school,' for those who enjoy learning and keeping their minds active.”

Bob and Betty Carr, OLLI Charter Members

"You do an excellent job of providing a valuable service."
Don Haragan, President Emeritus, Texas Tech University

“I think it’s absolutely essential to keep learning all your life. I really do enjoy the programs and getting to know different people in the community. I learn all sorts of new things that are happening at Texas Tech and in Lubbock.”
Angela Boren, OLLI Charter Member

"I have very much enjoyed the lifelong learning program, because I’m a single woman. I can come by myself and there are people who will remember me from the last time, and you do’t have to come with a partner. And I have made a whole new circle of friends.”
Leilani Filhard, OLLI Member

"The ability to meet other people who have lifetime experiences, to have the option of taking different courses, to learn about current events- to share with each other – what an opportunity OLLI is!"
Tavita Dorow, OLLI Charter Member

"My wife, Pat, and I have been part of OLLI since its inception and we continue to find the social interaction, travel possibilities and continuing education opportunities rewarding and mentally stimulating."
Jim Harris, OLLI Charter Member

"My husband and I have found OLLI to be a fulfilling and economic answer to our need to experience and learn about subjects in which we have long been interested, yet did not have time to pursue on our own. An unexpected and marvelous benefit has been making friends with like-minded people who would not have crossed our paths without OLLI. What Joy!"
Aurora and Jacob (Al) Bauerle, OLLI Members