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Parent and Family Member FAQ


Is RRO mandatory? Yes, RRO is mandatory for all incoming students.

Do parents need to attend RRO? Yes, we STRONGLY recommend at least one parent or family member attends. There will be separate programming specifically for parents and family members, providing information needed to help their student throughout the year, as well as opportunities to relax and meet other parents and family members.

Is there a fee for parents or family members to attend RRO? No, there is not a separate fee for you to attend RRO. There are additional fees should you chose to stay and eat on campus (see below).

Can I bring a younger sibling to RRO? Yes, the younger sibling will participate in the parent and family member activities during RRO.

Why is the parent and family member schedule different than the student schedule? The parent and family member schedule has been designed specifically for you as a parent or family member of a new student at Texas Tech. The student schedule has been designed specifically for the students. Please keep in mind, as a parent or family member you will follow your schedule and will not attend sessions and activities with your student. 

My student has registered for RRO but did not indicate that parent(s) or family members are attending, would like to purchase the meal plan, or reserve on-campus housing. How do we update this? If your student needs add a parent(s) or family member(s),purchase the meal plan for a parent(s) or family member, or reserve on-campus housing for a parent(s) or family member. Please have the student log back into the registration site.

Where do I need to go when I arrive at RRO? You will need to go to the Hulen/Clement residence hall. You will receive more specific information as the date gets closer.

Where should I park during RRO? You will receive an email with a temporary parking permit for RRO directing you to the lots you will be able to park in. Be sure to not park in spots labeled reserved, time limit, or service vehicle.

What should I wear for RRO?  Plan to bring casual clothes be dressed to comfortably you will be walking around campus. Some of the indoor events may be a bit cold, so also pack a light sweater or jacket.

As a parent or family member can I stay on campus instead of a hotel during RRO? Yes, all parents and family members are invited to stay on campus during RRO, although space is limited. Parents and family members will be staying in Gordon Residence Hall. Please note, meals are included in the room costs. Meals include breakfast on Day 2 and 3, $7 lunch voucher on Day 2, and both dinners. When your student registers for RRO, you will be given the option to reserve a room on campus. Rates are below:

Residence Hall Single Occupancy & Meal Plan (one family member) $135.00
Includes Gordon Residence Hall (one twin bed, private bathroom, shared common area) and five (5) meals.

Residence Hall Double Occupancy & 2 Meal Plans (two family members) $200 or $100 per person
Includes Gordon Residence Hall (two twin beds, private bath, shared common area) and ten (10) meals

Will linens be provided if I stay on campus? Linens are provided, however you may want to bring a pillow and towels for personal comfort. You will need to bring all necessary toiletries, flip flops to wear in the shower, and you may want to also bring a blanket if you are cold-natured because the residence halls can be cold.

I need to cancel parent or family member on-campus housing. To cancel a parent or family members housing request, please conatct Parent and Family Relations (806) 742-3630.

What if I do not want to stay on campus during RRO? As a parent or family member you do not have to stay overnight on campus. There are many hotels located near campus. Click here for a direct link to Visit Lubbock.

Do I have to eat meals on campus? No, meals for parents and family members is optional (if you are staying on-campus, meals are included in the costs). You may purchase meals at the events. We do encourage you to eat on campus to allow you time to meet other parents and family members, become more acquainted with campus, and eating on campus is more convenient.

Day 1: 6:00pm Parent and Family Member Only Dinner at the Merket Alumni Center $13.00

Day 2: 6:00pm Eat Fajitas with your student $13.00

Kids ages 6-12 $7 each and under 6 eat free

What is the Texas Success Initiative (TSI)? Your student MUST be TSI compliant prior to attending RRO. Please visit the TSI Compliance Office website for more information and contact information.

How and when will my student register for classes? Registration will occur on the last day of orientation. Students will meet with advisors during orientation to determine what classes to register for. The advisors will also instruct the students on how to use the online registration system, and where the students will register. Professional staff, as well as orientation leaders will be present during registration to answer any questions.

Will I need to pay my student’s tuition and fees at RRO? Tuition and fees will not be required to be paid at RRO.  Students will later receive an electronic bill, and can then pay their balance. Payment at orientation will be accepted if preferred.  For more information on billing and payment, please go to the Student Business Services website:, or call (806) 742-3272.

Does my student need to take placement exams? Please have your student take placement exams BEFORE RRO. Information on placement exams and exemption requirements is available online from our website’s main page. Select the link on the left side of the page that says “Placement Exams,” and select the appropriate test. If you have further questions, please contact the math department at (806) 742-2566, the foreign language department (806) 742-3151, or the chemistry department at (806) 742-3067.