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 Family Weekend tickets go on sale TODAY, June 1

Beginning today, June 1, you can order your Family Weekend 2011 football and event tickets!

Visit and click "Family Weekend" for the complete schedule and ticket ordering information.

Family Weekend is a great time to visit the Texas Tech campus and reconnect with your student. We hope you will join us!

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 Are you coming to Red Raider Orientation this summer?

Are you attending Red Raider Orientation 2011 this summer?

Click here for more information or call The Center for Campus Life with questions at 806-742-5433.

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 University Advising information for parents attending Red Raider Orientation

Summer Red Raider Orientations are in full swing welcoming the newest class of Texas Tech Red Raiders! For both students and families, orientation serves as an introduction to university-level academics and expectations and an overview of the available support resources. It's also a chance for students to connect with their Academic Advisors and register for courses.

So you may be thinking, "What should I do at orientation?" In a nutshell, enjoy! Attend RRO events. Explore the campus. Offer advice when asked. Ask lots of leading questions at dinner. Review your student's progress and affirm their efforts.

As a supportive family member, there is no doubt that you support the growth of your student into a healthy interdependent adult. Academic Advisors wish to partner with you to assist your student through the transition into this new chapter of life. Your support throughout this maturation process is absolutely essential to the long-term academic and personal success of your student.

Practically, this means to put your student in the "driver's seat" in every situation. As mentioned before, this will require a lot of healthy adult communication, which may be challenging for many families. We offer a number of open-ended questions that may assist you in this new endeavor.
 So, who is your assigned Academic Advisor? What is (s)he like?
 Which questions do you feel were really well answered today?
 What additional questions do you still have? Where are we going to find those answers?
 What was the most interesting course you selected, based on reading the course description?
 What do you think will be your greatest challenge? What is your plan to overcome that obstacle?
 Is there anything I might do to help you right now? What about tonight when you're away?
 What groups or organizations are you thinking of joining?
 How much time would it take for you to do that? Is it realistic and beneficial from an academic perspective?
 Did you hit any snags yet? How did you handle them?
 Looking back, what advice might you give your younger brother, sister, or high school friend about how to prepare for college life?

Excerpted from Texas Tech University Advising's 2011-2012 Student Advising Guide.
For more good advice from Texas Tech University Advising, visit:

Next month's topic: Packing for College: The Academic Suitcase


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 Office of Annual Giving is hiring for summer

Is your student looking for a summer job? The TTU Office of Annual Giving is taking applications for summer employment.

For more information or to apply online, visit

Position includes contacting alumni, parents, & friends of the university to update demographic information, reconnect them with the university, and drive fundraising efforts for TTU.

The minimum required shifts would be 3 shifts per week, which equals about 9-12 hours per week. One shift must be a Sunday or Friday shift.

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 University Library video: Susie Sunshine seeks help from her personal librarian

Have you ever wondered how easy it is for Texas Tech students to get help with research from a TTU Librarian?

Watch the TTU Library's latest video, Susie Sunshine seeks help from her personal librarian.


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 For your complete Texas Tech news, visit Texas Tech Today

Keep up-to-date about everything Texas Tech by visiting Texas Tech Today, a complete news source for Texas Tech University.

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 June 2011 academic and event calendar

June 1, Wednesday
Classes begin. Student-initiated drop-add (changes in schedule) and withdrawal (drop all courses) begin on MyTech.

June 2, Thursday
Last day to add a course.

June 3, Thursday
Last day for doctoral students to file Defense Notification form.

June 6, Monday
Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech without penalty (drop does not count against drop limit). All drops are the responsibility of the student.
Last day to drop a course and receive a refund. Does not apply to students who drop to 0 hours.

June 7, Tuesday

Student-initiated drop made on or after this date counts against drop limit. All drops are the responsibility of the student.

June 9, Wednesday
Last day for graduate degree candidates to file with the Graduate School a statement of intention to graduate.

June 13, Monday
4:30 p.m., final cancellation. Students who are not enrolled in a payment plan or have not paid 100% of mandatory tuition and fees will have credit hours removed from their course(s) and will remain financially responsible for their charges in full. Late Cancellation fees will be assessed and will be subject to collections.

June 17, Friday
Last day for degree candidates and faculty to order invitations and academic regalia at the bookstore.

June 21, Tuesday
Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech with penalty (counts against drop limit) and/or transfer between colleges. All drops are the responsibility of the student. Last day to declare pass/fail intentions.

June 24, Friday
Last day for graduate degree candidates to defend theses/dissertations. Last day for graduate degree candidates to pay thesis-dissertation fee posted to Banner account.

June 27, Monday
Last day for graduate degree candidates to submit final defense reports to Graduate School.

June 28, Tuesday
Last day to withdraw from the university.
Last day for undergraduate degree candidates to remove grades of I and PR and to complete final exams in correspondence courses.
Applicable Payment Plan due date - Required payment must be received by the due date or the account will incur late fees.

June 30, Thursday
Last day of classes.

Other Summer I Dates

July 1 - 2, Friday - Saturday
Final examinations.
Friday, July1 - Raiderlink available for grading.

July 2, Saturday
First summer term ends.

July 3, Sunday
Students without room reservations for the second term must vacate residence hall rooms by 10 a.m. Last meal (breakfast) served in residence halls.

For the complete 2010-2011 Academic Calendar, please visit

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 Rec Sports offers students many fun and fit summer activities

Students staying in Lubbock for the summer who are not enrolled at Tech may purchase a summer membership for $75 if they are enrolled for the Fall semester. This is pro-rated if they are attending one summer session.

Students can enjoy a late night Pool Party on Friday, June 3rd at the Leisure Pool. An outdoor Zumba class kicks off the night at 7:15. Watch "Hall Pass" while lounging at the pool after dark or kayak in the lap lane pool or just float the Lazy River. Free to all students with Rec memberships.

There are Intramurals, Fitness classes, Personal Training, Massage and Outdoor trips planned for summer students. The Rec Website, has all the info.


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 Get involved with a local Tech Parents chapter this summer

Summertime is a great time to get involved with a local Chapter of Tech Parents. If you reside in D/FW, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, or Abilene areas, get involved! Visit for more information and to find out how to connect with other TTU families in your area.

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 Interested in serving on the Texas Tech Parents Association Board?

Being an officer on the Board is a great way to help plan programming for the Association. Board members collaborate with Parent & Family Relations staff and are required to meet in person as a group at least once a semester. More meetings may arise as necessary but could be handled on a teleconference or email basis. Much communication will occur via email. Those with strong organization and communication skills are encouraged to consider opportunities that exist on the Parents Association Board.

Click HERE to download the TTPA Board application.

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