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Vol. 12  Issue 6                                    Parent and Family eNews - June 2013

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General News and Important Dates

Information for Parents and Family Members of FRESHMEN

Information for Parents and Family Members of SOPHOMORES

Information for Parents and Family Members of JUNIORS

Information for Parents and Family Members of SENIORS

Extracurricular Activities


 Family Weekend football and event tickets go on sale June 1st

Family Weekend 2013 football and event tickets go on sale June 1st! Visit for the schedule and ordering information beginning June 1st.


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 Design the official 2013 Family Weekend T-shirt

Do you or your student have a knack for graphic design? Try designing the official 2013 Family Weekend t-shirt that will be worn by thousands!

T-shirt Design Contest Guidelines:

1. Design the shirt. Front only, back only, or front/back. The words “Family
Weekend” should be used.
2. Designs should be in one or two colors--we cannot print full color designs or
photographs. Please do not submit copyrighted material without permission.
3. Be sure to follow guidelines on the use of the Double T. Information on proper use can be found at:
4. Designs can come from students, faculty, staff, alumni--any Texas Tech fan.
5. The criteria for judging are as follows: originality and the likelihood others will wear it on game day.
6. Create your design in graphics software (preferred format is pdf or jpg), or draw a detailed sketch. Include your name and contact information. Submissions can be emailed to or brought to the Parent and Family Relations office in 201Q Student Union Building (2nd floor). Deadline is Friday, August 16th at noon.
7. Parents and family members will vote on the winner and that person will be notified after August 22, 2013.
8. The winner will receive four t-shirts and the joy of seeing thousands of people wearing his or her
original design!
9. Sponsored by the Texas Tech Parents Association. Call 806-742-3630 or email if you have questions.

Good Luck!


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 The TTU Experts Guide showcases faculty expertise

The Office of the Provost has developed a new campus tool to promote faculty expertise, and research at Texas Tech University. The TTU Experts Guide is an online, searchable database that allows faculty to highlight and showcase their disciplinary expertise. This interactive platform provides open access for media representatives, researchers, sponsoring entities, and industry professionals to locate TTU faculty within a particular content domain. We encourage you to access the TTU Experts Guide at

“Expertise” is divided into the following main categories: Agriculture and Food Sciences; Area Studies; Arts and Humanities; Business; Management and Commerce; Education; Energy; Engineering; Health and Medicine; Law; Natural and Physical Sciences; Mathematics and Technology; Social Sciences; and Other.

The TTU Experts Guide was developed as a collaborative effort between the Office of the CIO, VPR and the Office of Planning and Assessment (OPA). For more general information about the initiative, please contact


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 2013 Football Season Tickets on sale now

Want a great excuse to visit Lubbock to check on your daughter or son this fall? Texas Tech will be hosting six college football games this fall against SFA, TCU, Texas State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Season tickets start as low as $149/ticket and more information on season tickets can be found by clicking


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 Severe Weather tips

The most common months for severe weather, including tornadoes, in the Lubbock area are May and June. Make sure your student is prepared for severe weather. Here are some tips provided by Texas Tech's Emergency Communications department:

Make sure your student has his or her contact information updated in the TechAlert! system. Students can update their information here:


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 Red Raider Club offers West Virginia Fan Package

Want a fun fall getaway? The Red Raider Club is offering a West Virgina Fan Package for fans to attend the Texas Tech at West Virginia game October 17th - 19th. For more information, click HERE.

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 SOAR Learning Center empowers students in pursuits of success

The SOAR Learning Center’s mission is to empower students in their pursuit towards academic success while providing an encouraging and safe learning environment. The Learning Center works to enhance the academic endeavors of all currently enrolled Texas Tech students by offering a variety of free services such as Peer & online tutoring, Academic mentoring, and Supplemental Instruction. Tutoring and Academic Mentoring is available Monday thru Thursday from 8am-8pm and Friday 8am-5pm. 

An additional resource available to students at the Learning Center is access to a licensed professional counselor with over 25 years in education. Stacy Elliot, M.Ed., LPC is a LEARNING SPECIALIST/SENIOR COUNSELOR available to work holistically with students striving to be successful in college. As a counselor, she works to help students resolve personal issues that may hinder their academic success. The Learning Specialist is available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm by appointments and accepts walk-ins. 

The SOAR Learning Center is located in Holden Hall Room 80 and our office number is (806)742-3664. Visit us at


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 For your complete Texas Tech news, visit Texas Tech Today

Keep up-to-date about everything Texas Tech by visiting Texas Tech Today, a complete news source for Texas Tech University.

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 This month's academic and event calendar

June 2, Sunday

  • 10 a.m., Residence halls open for occupancy.

June 3, Monday

  • Faculty on duty.
  • Last day to register or withdraw from the university without penalty.
  • First meal (breakfast) served in residence halls.

June 4, Tuesday

  • Classes begin.

June 5, Wednesday

  • Last day to add a course.

June 7, Friday

  • Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech without penalty (drop does not count against drop limit). All drops are the responsibility of the student.
  • Last day to drop a course and have course charges removed. Does not apply to students who drop to 0 hours.
  • Last day for doctoral students to file Defense Notification form.

June 10, Monday

  • Student-initiated drop made on or after this date counts against drop limit. All drops are the responsibility of the student.

June 13, Thursday

  • Last day for graduate degree candidates to file with the Graduate School a statement of intention to graduate.

June 17, Monday

  • Last day for degree candidates and faculty to order invitations and academic regalia at the bookstore.

June 24, Monday

  • Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech with penalty (counts against drop limit). All drops are the responsibility of the student.
  • Last day to transfer between colleges.
  • Last day to declare pass/fail intentions.

June 25, Tuesday

  • Emergency Enrollment Plan installment payment due.

June 27, Thursday

  • Last day for master’s non-thesis comprehensive examination.
  • Last day for graduate degree candidates to defend theses/dissertations.
  • Last day for graduate degree candidates to pay thesis-dissertation fee posted to Banner account.


For the complete 2012-2013 Academic Calendar, please visit

For the Texas Tech event calendar, please visit


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 Are you coming to Red Raider Orientation this summer?

Are you attending Red Raider Orientation this summer? Parent & Family Relations will be on hand to help you check in, provide you with a copy of the Parent & Family Guide, conduct parent and family orientation presentations, and show you how to get involved. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Visit or call the Center for Campus Life at 806-742-5433 for information about Red Raider Orientation.

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 Testing...who needs it? Your student!

Academic Testing Services can help you meet your testing needs!

With summer just around the corner, testing is normally the last thing on your student's mind. Summer however, is the ideal time for testing. Students have more free time to prepare for testing during summer months, keeping the information fresh on their minds. Understanding testing requirements and options are beneficial at all stages of your student’s academic career, but they can be especially important if you are the parent of an incoming freshman.

Prior to Red Raider Orientation, you will want to understand state testing requirements (TSI), placement exams and additional testing options that may impact your student.

Credit by Exam:

Credit by examination is an option for students to earn college credit for knowledge they’ve already acquired. If your student took AP or IB courses in high school, Texas Tech awards credit for many of these courses. If your student took other advanced studies or missed their AP or IB exams, CLEP testing may be an option for your student to prove their proficiency and earn college credit. CLEP exams are available in a variety of subjects. For a complete list, view the credit table at Testing times are available during Red Raider Orientation and throughout the year in Academic Testing Services located in 214 West Hall. (Fees apply to CLEP)

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (GSP):

Students enrolling in the College of Media & Communication will need this exam in order to enroll in upper level classes. Testing times are available during Red Raider Orientation and throughout the year in Academic Testing Services located in 214 West Hall. (Fees apply)

TSI Compliance:

If your student has been notified by the Registrar that they are not TSI compliant, Texas Tech offers Accuplacer and Quick THEA exams to fulfill the TSI requirement. The Accuplacer exam is computer-based and available in Academic Testing Services located in 214 West Hall. (Fees apply)

Quick THEA exams are paper-based and administered by appointment. Contact Academic Testing Services at (806) 742-3671 or visit for more information.

For a complete list of all of ATS services, visit our website at .

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 Students planning to work on campus need original social security cards

Is your student planning to get a new job on campus? Students who work on campus must bring their original Social Security Cards for human resources processing due to federal I-9 requirements. Remind your student to keep his or her social security card in a safe place.

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 Consider renters insurance for your student whether they are living on or off campus

Most landlords do not require the tenant to have renters insurance. All landlords deny liability for any damages to your personal property caused by water, smoke, or fire. Student Legal Services highly recommends any student, living off campus or on-campus, to obtain renters insurance. Renters insurance is a cost effective way to replace damaged property. Speak with your insurance representative to discuss your options.

If you or your student have any other questions about renters insurance please call 806-742-3289 or visit

College Renters Insurance offers coverage starting at $5,000 with a $100 deductible. Coverage for your personal property starts as low as $12 per month.
Visit to see all of the coverage options available or call (866) 572-1617.

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 Does your student need health insurance? Academic Health Plans are availalbe for Texas Tech students

If your student needs his or her own health insurance policy, there are Academic Health Plans avaialble. Visit for more information.

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 Responsible off campus living

If your sophomore Red Raider lives off campus, make sure he or she is a good neighbor. Students choosing to live in single-family houses sometimes need reminders that they are not necessarily living among other students. Families with small children and working professionals may not appreciate loud noises during late hours.

For tips about responsible off-campus living, visit

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 Just for course in financial planning

If your student is looking for an elective(s), The Department of Personal Financial Planning is now offering 1-hour classes in personal finance. Financial Senior Seminar is specifically designed for seniors covering topics that include financial issues that emerge when starting your career, compensation negotiations, cash flow management, employee benefits (including 401K), impact of taxation, and buying a home.

Studies in personal finance provide basic knowledge needed to manage personal financial activities in day-to-day life.

Course title and description:

PFP 4101- Financial Senior Seminar

Introduces financial planning issues that emerge the emerge when starting your career, compensation negotiations, cash flow management, employee benefits (including 401K), impact of taxation, and buying a home. Offered in Fall 2013 on campus as a face-to-face seminar and as an online class.

For further course information please visit our website at or contact Dawn Abbott at


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 Student Union and Activities Calendar

Student Union and Activities always makes sure there is plenty for your Tech students to do! If your student complains that he or she can't find any fun activities or meet many people on campus, tell him or her about these exciting, FREE activities.

Click HERE for the complete Activities Calendar.

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