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Vol. 13  Issue 6                                                                 Parent and Family eNews - June 2014

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General News and Important Dates

Texas Tech Parents Association

Information for Parents and Family Members of FRESHMEN

Information for Parents and Family Members of SOPHOMORES

Information for Parents and Family Members of JUNIORS

Information for Parents and Family Members of SENIORS

Extracurricular Activities

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 Parent and Family Pulse Poll May: Results

Parent & Family Relations will conduct a Parent & Family Pulse Poll—a brief poll about Texas Tech parent and family experiences. We will share our poll results each month online.

View May's poll results here.

New Parent Pulse Poll topics coming soon!

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 Severe weather tips

The most common months for severe weather, including tornadoes, in the Lubbock area are May and June. Make sure your student is prepared for severe weather. Here are some tips provided by Texas Tech's Emergency Communications department:

Make sure your student has his or her contact information updated in the TechAlert! system. Students can update their information here:


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 Save the Date for Family Weekend 2014!

The wait is over and we have set the date for Family Weekend 2014!

Mark your calendars for October 10-11, 2014 when Texas Tech takes on West Virginia. Registration and football ticket ordering information will be posted at later this summer. Make your hotel reservations early, as rooms will fill up quick! Click HERE for a complete listing of Lubbock hotels.


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 The Learning Center-Summer Tutoring

Is your student taking any of the following courses this Summer?

-CHEM 1307
-POLS 1301, 2302
-ACCT 2300
-MATH 1451, 1452
-CS 1411

If so, the Learning Center will have tutors on hand!

The LC provides FREE tutoring in many subjects and courses this Summer...don't miss out.

Located in Holden Hall, room 80. Hours of operation will be Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm (tutors arrive at 9am).


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 The Learning Center is hiring for Fall 2014

The Learning Center is currently accepting applications for tutoring positions in the Fall!

We are looking for qualified tutors in the following areas:

We offer:
-Flexible schedules
-Great experience
-Amazing atmosphere
-On-Campus location

Candidates MUST:
-Be UNDERGRADUATE students (Junior or Senior classification preferred)
-Have overall GPA of 3.25 or better
-Have received an A or B in courses they wish to tutor
-Love being a team player

Visit their website for more information or contact at 806-742-3664.

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 For your complete Texas Tech news, visit Texas Tech Today

Keep up-to-date about everything Texas Tech by visiting Texas Tech Today, a complete news source for Texas Tech University.

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 This month's academic and event calendar

June 1, Sunday

  • 10 a.m., Residence halls open for occupancy.

June 2, Monday

June 3, Tuesday

  • Classes begin.

June 4, Wednesday

  • Last day to add a course.

June 6, Friday

  • Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech without academic penalty (drop does not count against drop limit). All drops are the responsibility of the student.
  • Last day to drop a course and have course charges removed. Students who drop to 0 hours are considered to be a withdrawal. Financial penalties apply for withdrawals after June 2.

June 7, Saturday

  • Student-initiated drop made on or after this date counts against drop limit. All drops are the responsibility of the student.

June 16, Monday

  • Last day for degree candidates and faculty to order invitations and academic regalia at the bookstore.

June 23, Monday

  • Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech with academic penalty (counts against drop limit). All drops are the responsibility of the student.
  • Last day to transfer between colleges.
  • Last day to declare pass/fail intentions.

June 27, Friday

  • Last day to withdraw from the university. Although withdrawal can be processed until this date, all tuition and fees related to the registration are due in full and no refunds will be issued.
  • Last day for undergraduate degree candidates to remove grades of I and PR.

June 30, Monday

  • Raiderlink available for grading.



For the complete 2013-2014 Academic Calendar, please visit

For the Texas Tech event calendar, please CLICK HERE.


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 Looking for more ways to get involved?

For more ways to get involved as a parent or family member of a Texas Tech student, join the Texas Tech Parents Association at Your membership dues support programs such as scholarships for Texas Tech students, the Road Raiders Safe Travel Network, and local chapters all over Texas.

You can also get involved in various chapter activities throughout the year. Come enjoy a fun time with other Texas Tech parents and family members. Click HERE to view community calendar of events.

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 Are you coming to Red Raider Orientation this summer?

Are you attending Red Raider Orientation this summer? Parent & Family Relations will be on hand to help you check in, provide you with a copy of the Parent & Family Guide, conduct a parent and family orientation presentation, and show you how to get involved. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Visit or call the Center for Campus Life at 806-742-5433 for information about Red Raider Orientation.

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 Academic Testing for incoming students

TESTING…Who needs it? Your student!

Academic Testing Services can help you meet your testing needs!
With summer just around the corner, testing is normally the last thing on your student's mind.

Summer however, is the ideal time for testing. Students have more free time to prepare for testing during summer months, keeping the information fresh on their minds. Understanding testing requirements and options are beneficial at all stages of your student’s academic career, but they can be especially important if you are the parent of an incoming freshman.

Prior to Red Raider Orientation, you will want to understand state testing requirements (TSI), placement exams and additional testing options that may impact your student.

Credit by Exam:

Credit by examination is an option for students to earn college credit for knowledge they’ve already acquired. If your student took AP or IB courses in high school, Texas Tech awards credit for many of these courses. If your student took other advanced studies or missed their AP or IB exams, CLEP testing may be an option for your student to prove their proficiency and earn college credit. CLEP exams are available in a variety of subjects. For a complete list, view the credit table at Testing times are available during Red Raider Orientation and throughout the year in Academic Testing Services located in 214 West Hall. (Fees apply to CLEP)

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (GSP):

Students enrolling in the College of Media & Communication may need this exam in order to enroll in some upper level classes. Testing times are available during Red Raider Orientation and throughout the year in Academic Testing Services located in 214 West Hall. (Fees apply)

TSI Compliance:

If your student has been notified by the Registrar that they are not TSI compliant, Texas Tech offers the TSI exam to fulfill the TSI requirement. The TSI exam is computer-based and available in Academic Testing Services located in 214 West Hall. (Fees apply)
For a complete list of all of ATS services, visit our website at .

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 Students planning to work on campus need original social security card

Is your student planning to get a new job on campus? Students who work on campus must bring their original Social Security Cards for human resources processing due to federal I-9 requirements. Remind your student to keep his or her social security card in a safe place.

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 Consider renters insurance for your student whether they are living on or off campus

Most landlords do not require the tenant to have renters insurance. All landlords deny liability for any damages to your personal property caused by water, smoke, or fire. Student Legal Services highly recommends any student, living off campus or on-campus, to obtain renters insurance. Renters insurance is a cost effective way to replace damaged property. Speak with your insurance representative to discuss your options.

If you or your student has any other questions about renters insurance please call 806-742-3289 or visit

College Renters Insurance offers coverage starting at $5,000 with a $100 deductible. Coverage for your personal property starts as low as $12 per month.
Visit to see all of the coverage options available or call (866) 572-1617.

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 Responsible off campus living

If your Red Raider lives off campus, make sure he or she is a good neighbor. Students choosing to live in single-family houses sometimes need reminders that they are not necessarily living among other students. Families with small children and working professionals may not appreciate loud noises during late hours.

For tips about responsible off-campus living, CLICK HERE.

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 Student Union and Activities Calendar

Student Union and Activities always makes sure there is plenty for your Tech students to do! If your student complains that he or she can't find any fun activities or meet many people on campus, tell him or her about these exciting, FREE activities.

Click HERE for the complete Activities Calendar.

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