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image Drop in Peer Tutoring in the Following subjects are available free to all currently enrolled students:

Writing Specialists
Upper class students trained to assist student who are enrolled in freshman and sophomore level writing intensive courses. Students seeking guidance from these tutors will be given the tools needed to develop strong college level writing skills that will be beneficial across all academic disciplines.

Check out the tutor schedule for this semester.

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Hear what is being said about the Learning Center

"Adan is very helpful, the Learning Center is very good. Thank you!"
–Student Comment, Spring 2011
"Give them a raise (particularly Daniel)! This is the 2nd time he has genuinely helped me."
-Student Comment, Spring 2011
"If only Corey could be my main math teacher…. 5 Stars good!!!"
-Student Comment, Spring 2011
"Great experience! The physic tutor made the material easy to understand and was patient."
-Student Comment, Fall 2010
"Adam is a great tutor! He makes sure I understand everything. He has helped improve my grade from an F to an A."
–Student Comment, Fall 2010
"Awesome Experience, I only wish the Learning Center could be open 24/7."
-Student Comment, Spring 2010