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Financial Aid Information

Students may apply for Federal Financial Aid while in TTAP. Students may refer to the FAFSA website for additional information and to apply for Federal Financial Aid. Students are responsible for tuition and fees to South Plains College and Texas Tech University. Students must select South Plains College as their awarding school in their FAFSA application. Students are strongly encouraged to start on their FAFSA as soon as possible so that they may receive their aid at the earliest possible time. Viewing South Plains College Steps to Apply for Financial Aid page can help in the financial aid process. All aid that comes from FAFSA will cover South Plains College Expenses. Any aid that is remaining will be sent to the student in the form of a refund. It is the student’s responsibility touse the refund to cover expenses owed to Texas Tech University.
For those that are not eligible for FAFSA or aid does not cover all expenses for South Plains College and Texas Tech University, a payment plan for each institution may be arranged. Admitted TTAP students will be required to attend TTAP Orientation prior to the start of classes in the fall semester. More details will be given about financial aid options at that time. You may also contact South Plains College and Texas Tech University for questions about making payments to each institution. Financial Aid questions should be directed to South Plains College.
South Plains College Financial Aid
(806) 894-9611 EXT 3800
Texas Tech University Student Business Services
(Only to be contacted with TTU Payment Plan questions)
(806) 742-3272

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view these additional documents to answer questions you may have about financial aid for TTAP students:
Frequently Asked Questions for Financial Aid
Payment Instructions for South Plains College

Q: How would this program benefit me?
A: TTAP is great for students who may not have been strong academically in high school and could benefit from more direct attention and smaller class sizes. This program is designed to support a student’s academic, personal and social well-being. The program is intrusive but provides a structured environment designed to develop skills characteristic of successful students.  In TTAP, students are required to participate in:

*Failure to adhere to these requirements can result in dismissal from the program delaying or preventing transfer into TTU all together.
Q: What is the tuition for this program?
A:  Tuition for classes is based on SPC fees. Students are required to take approximately 15 hours for the semester. These fees are approximately $1700 for the semester not including books. Please keep in mind payment arrangements and/or financial must be directed to SPC, NOT TTU. South Plains College is the primary school.  TTU cannot and will not make payment arrangements for classes taught by SPC.
Q: How will housing fees and meal plans be determined?
A: In addition to paying tuition fees to South Plains, students who live in the TTU dorms and wish to participate in the meal plan and  student services will be required to make additional financial arrangements through TTU.  Cost for housing can be determined by visiting the TTU Housing Website at . Fees for housing and student services can vary but are approximately $7,250.
 Also, for details on student services fees you can also contact the TTU Student Business Services at or by phone at 806.742.3272 for more information.

Q: Can I participate in TTAP all year?
A: Students have one semester to achieve the transferable GPA of 2.5 and will automatically transfer to TTU for the next semester. Students who do not achieve this GPA will not remain as part of TTAP for a second semester. TTAP Advisors will assist these students in determining their options.

Q: What happens if I get dismissed from the program?
A: A student, who is dismissed from the program during the semester, will be required to move out of Tech Housing. They can continue to attend classes but will not be allowed to participate in any TTAP activities.