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Online Tutoring

  • Are you a tech student crunched for time?
  • Would you like to get help with specific topics from the convenience of your home?
  • Do you send study related emails to your friends in class quite often?
  • Do you love discussion boards and live study chat sessions?
  • Are you in need of tutoring but cannot make it to the Learning Center?

If your answer is "yes" to any of the questions above, Online tutoring is certainly a great solution for you.

The Learning Center has, as one of its goals, a mission to expand the existing tutoring services to online tutoring. Online tutoring has been utilized, with some success at other universities. We are working on implementing this new medium of academic support at Texas Tech.

As with any knowledge exchange technique, the tools used to exchange information greatly influence the quality of tutoring sessions. We evaluated several different tools for online tutoring over a period of a year. The software we've opted to use for our pilot run is "WWWhiteboard" from Link Systems, Inc (http://www.link-systems.com).  The tool provides a very convenient whiteboard with equation editor and other math/science tools. Apart from the live instant messaging, you will also have access to several other features including a bulletin board and a 'QA' section where you can ask study related questions and get replies from our tutors within one working day!

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