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Approval for Minor Form

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Nobody is One-Dimensional

Possessing a minor demonstrates that you have interests and knowledge of a subject outside your primary field of study. The great thing is, you don’t have to obtain a minor in anything even remotely related to your current degree. This means that minors can also help to illustrate the diversity of your knowledge and interests to employers while not being a major distraction from your main course of study.

There’s often a significant advantage to having knowledge in more than one field. Whether you’re a computer programmer wanting to work on software for control systems, a mechanical engineer looking for work in the energy company, or an engineer who wants to make the decisions in an organization, knowing more than just your area of expertise can really enhance your career.

Petroleum Engineering Majors

Along with the Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering degree, students may declare a minor (18 hours in a subject) in a field of their choice. Any required or elective courses in petroleum engineering may be applied toward the minor with the approval of the minor department (and department advisor). While declaration of a minor is not required, it is strongly recommended. Suggested minors are, but not limited to, mechanical engineering, geosciences, mathematics, or energy commerce. These minors can be earned with some additional hours.