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Dr. Annette Sobel

Executive for Health Security and Professor at TTU and TTUHSC

Dr. Annette Sobel is a physician-engineer and is the Executive for Health Security and professor at TTU and TTUHSC. As a former Major General, Dr. Sobel paved the way for many unconventional roles for women in military and civilian career paths. She served as the first woman Director of Intelligence post 9-11 for the National Guard Bureau and spearheaded a number of new initiatives in humanitarian assistance and disaster response and information-sharing, and served as a commander of multiple field military medical units. She has been principal investigator for research programs involving One Health, nonproliferation, and prevention and mitigation of emerging infectious diseases worldwide. She has also performed seminal work in the field of prevention of acts of terrorism and reducing vulnerability of women and children to both natural and manmade threats. As a physician-educator, Dr. Sobel has worked closely with international health and science and technology leaders to improve standards of care, public health infrastructure and facilitate integration of technology to reduce population vulnerabilities, improve security and awareness and enhance opportunities for economic development and stability for women. As the Co-Director of Peace Corps Prep, Dr. Sobel is committed to providing a number of service learning opportunities for undergraduate students in the fields of health security and women's studies.


Dr. Charlotte Dunham

Director of Women's Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology at TTU

She served as director from 2004 through 2007, and from 2012 until the present. Her most recent publication, with Nadia Flores-Yeffal, is Older South Africans after Apartheid: The relationship between household income and race in adults over 50 in the Cape Area of South Africa, will appear in a special edition of Sociological Imagination on South Africa after Nelson Mandala. She was a co-PI on a NSF ADVANCE-PAID grant, studying challenges faced by women faculty in STEM disciplines. One of her recent publication, "I just need someone who will teach me the ropes" focuses on the mentoring needs of women in STEM.

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