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How to Pick a Reverse Mortgage That’s Right for Your Retirement (video), March 2015
PFP Ambassadors featured in Dailey Toreador, March 2015
Salter: Life expectancy and your retirement, March 2015
Finke: The Evolving Idea of Retirement, March 2015
Evensky Now Sees Annuities as Most Important Investment Over Next Decade, March 2015
Salter: How much can you spend in retirement, March 2015
Salter: Are you financially well, March 2015
Evensky: Caveat emptor – Let the Buyer Beware, March 2015
S1L Task Force Joins Texas Tech on Reverse Mortgage Initiative, March 2015
Finke: Industry without Fiduciary Protections Preys on the Elderly, March 2015
Getting Fired By Clients Isn’t Always Bad, March 2015
Katz: Timeless money rules, February 2015
Salter: Long Term Care Insurance Decision, February 2015
Salter: Know expenses in active, passive management of mutual funds, January 2015
Doctoral Student Hangs up Dancing Shoes for Financial Planning, January 2015
Katz: Thinking about marriage? Consider allocations for couples, January 2015
4 Rules for Better Communication With Clients, January 2015
PFP graduate students Whitney Neal, Candace Scholz, and Michael Walsh won the 3rd annual Industry Issue Competition sponsored by the Foundation for Financial Service Professionals in Phoenix, January 2014
Studies in Personal Finance minor highlighted in Daily Toreador story; contributions by Abbott and Duffany, January 2014
The Top 25 Venerated Voices of 2013, January 2014
PFP Students Compete in FAStech Quiz Bowl & Case Study Competition, February 2014
A brief article on age-proofing one's finances based on research by Drs. Finke and Huston will appear in the newest issue of AARP magazine, February 2014.
TTU PFP graduate students Patrick Payne (team leader), Tao Guo, and Nhat Hoang Ho worked together to win this year’s iOme competition and walk in the footsteps of their colleagues from Texas Tech who won the 2010-2011 iOme Challenge. Dr. Sandra Huston served as the team’s faculty advisor. Judges also awarded a Video Recognition to a team of Utah Valley State students whose faculty advisor, Hyrum Smith, graduated from the TTU PFP PhD program, February 2014.
Next-Gen Advisor Shortage Demands Hiring Reforms, February 2014
Harold Evensky, the cover story in Investment Advisor Magazine, February 2014
El Erian Exit is Pimco Distraction As Gross Saves Legacy, March 2014
Texas Tech Archives Receives History of Financial Planning Memorabilia, April 2014
Finke, Pfau, and Blanchett receive Montgomery-Warschauer Award for Journal of Financial Planning article, May 2014
Evensky & Former Pupil Merger Firms, May 2014
Junxure Advisor Conference Adds Additional Speakers and Sponsors; Expands Attendee Limit, May 2014
Deena Katz and Harold Evensky, Next-Gen Mavens: The IA 25 2014 Profile, May 2014
Salter, Belew, Dean and Blanchett honored in the Investment News 40 under 40 list, June 2014
Industry icon is enthusiastic about technology, June 2014
With today's struggling economy, Texas Tech focuses their importance in preparing students for financial security through personal financial planning, June 2014
Evensky Asks Advisors to Help Students With Retirement Survey, June 2014
Help Clients Reset Retirement Expectations, July 2014
Bill Gross and the Dying Breed of Mutual Fund Superstars, September 2014
Evensky: Tips on good financial planning, October 2014
Katz: Making the peanut butter and jelly last to the end of the sandwich, November 2014
T3 Technology Conference for Financial Advisors Draws Record Attendance: Drucker and Bruckenstein Announce Venue and Dates for 2015 T3 Advisors Conference, November 2014
6 Surprising IRA investment options, November 2014
Kalenkoski: “In retirement, a life of inexpensive leisure” featured in Wall Street Journal, November 2014
Texas Tech featured in the 35 Great Schools for Financial Planning, November, 2014
When Municipal Bonds Get Exciting, December 2014
Salter: Smart Social Security Tips, December 2014
Dr. Finke quoted in Time's article on raising frugal kids, December 2014
Dr. Browning quoted in "Six ways to safely spend more in retirement" on USA Today, December 2014
Client Portfolios May Match Advisers’ Own Asset Allocation, December 2014
Here’s How One Finance Professor Came Around to Reverse Mortgages, December 2014
Tomorrow’s News Today – DownJones Newsletter, December 2014
Evensky’s 10 Tips for Retirement Success, December 2014
Evensky: The future ain’t what it used to be, December 2014
Katz featured in WalletHub’s Financial Resolutions for the New Year, December 2014
Katz – Trade Spending Can Help Necessary Evil, December 2014
Megan Bader, TTU alumnus, writes about Bridging the Next-Gen Divide, January 2013
Mulholland and Students share Tech Tips at T3 Conference, February 2013
Investment Advisor spoke with top players throughout the retirement industry, including Michael Finke, to get their take on the biggest issues in retirement planning, February 2013
Brandon Moss, PFP alumnus, featured in cover story of Financial Planning Magazine—Planning 2023: 12 Trends to Watch, March 2013
Dottie Durband recognized as one of the Top 25 Women Professors in Texas, March 2013
Planning Pioneer's Succession Planning Solution, March 2013
Harold Evensky to SEC: Employ the 'YOU' Standard in Fiduciary Rule, March 2013
15 transformational advisers - Harold Evensky and Deena Katz, June 2013
7 Things Your Clients Need to Know About Retirement: Evensky, July 2013
Texas Tech Partners with, July 2013
Texas Tech to Train Financial Planning Students in Pro Bono Work (Financial Advisor), Dorothy Durband, August 2013
Reverse Mortgages Can Help Rich and Poor Retirees, August 2013
At Texas Tech, social media takes center stage, August 2013
Meditation Tips for Advisors, August 2013
Professors Deena Katz and Harold Evensky awarded the prestigious Heart of Financial Planning honor, September 2013
Inflation Protection for Your Portfolio, September 2013
Best Hiring Tips for Advisors, September 2013
Michael Finke and Tom Langdon honored with the annual Montgomery Warschauer Award for best journal article, October 2013
Is there active management alpha in recessions?, October 2013
Schwab Honors Evensky & Katz as 2013's Exceptional RIA Firms With Annual Trailblazer IMPACT Award® , November 2013
Finke & Huston's research featured in USA Today, November 5, 2013
Evensky & Katz Receives 2013 Trailblazer IMPACT Award, November 2013
Fox 34 News features Dr. James Study of the brain's role in financial decisions, January 2012
Dr. James quoted in Wall Street Journal on charitable giving, January 2012
PFP Students participate in Race for the Cure, Texas Techsan, January/February 2012 edition
PFP Program featured in Smart Money, February 2012. Story title—Can These People Teach Financial Planning?
PFP students place 2nd nationally for their research on social media within the financial services industry, February 2012
Prof. Katz quoted regarding the lack of female financial planners, February 2012
Prof. Katz quoted regarding the lack of female financial planners, February 2012
Stunning Academic Study May Cause DOL to Retain Original Proposal for Fiduciary Definition, April 2012
Stunning Academic Study May Cause DOL to Retain Original Proposal for Fiduciary Definition, April 2012
Dr. Michael Finke's (co-authored with doctoral candidate Duncan Williams) retirement research recent press, April 2012
Fiduciary Standard Does Not Increase Costs, Study Says, April 2012
Harold Evensky has joined the Board of Governance for the Retirement Management Analyst Designation (RMA) Program, May 2012
Danielle Winchester won the Robert O. Herrmann Outstanding Dissertation Award, June 2012
Michael Finke appointed as Contributing Editor at Research magazine, August 2012
Questions from the TTU Financial Literacy Assessment research were featured (click on the graphic) in the Wall Street Journal, along with a discussion of why we need improved financial literacy in education, September 4, 2012.
Rising Stock: Personal Financial Planning Department Thriving, September 10, 2012
Russell James' fMRI work featured in Gift Planning in Canada Newsletter, October 2012
TTU PFP Department featured in Financial Planning Magazine's 25 Great Planning Schools, page 62-63, November 2012
Dr. Finke named to Investment News' The Power of 20 List, December 2012
Drs. Durband and James honored with Chancellor's Council Teaching and Research awards, December 2012
Evensky quoted in the Wall Street Journal, January 2011
Dr. Finke featured in Yahoo!Finance article about saving and retirement, January 2011
Megan Malone, December PFP graduate, writes on the New School of Financial Planning Graduates for Investment Advisor magazine, January 2011
Personal Financial Planning team wins the iOMe Challenge, January 2011. Check out our winning iOMe Challenge 2010 video submission here
Dr. James quoted in the National Journal regarding homeownership, March 2011
Professor Katz quoted in InvestmentNews, February 2011
Deena Katz featured in article in InvestmentNews, April 2011
Dr. James quoted in New York Times on financial education for children, April 2011
Texas Tech University, PFP Interns in Washington, D.C., March 2011
Dr. James quoted on regarding homeownership, March 2011
Duncan Williams, Ph.D. student in Personal Financial Planning, and his advisor Michael Finke are the winners of the 2011 Academic Thought Leadership Award for their research article titled "Determining Optimal Withdrawal Rates: An Economic Approach." August 2011
Deena Katz on "Should you give your teenager a credit card?", July 19, 2011
Practicum students provide pro bono services to Hospice of Lubbock Families, September 2010
Prof. Deena Katz featured in Financial Advisor Magazine, September 2010
Dr. Hampton quoted in InvestmentNews, August 2010
Prof. Harold Evensky quoted in Morningstar, June 2010
Brandon Garrett, top PFP undergraduate in May, provides financial advice from the nation's top grads, AP, May 2010
Deena Katz and Harold Evensky make the list of the 30 most influential people in and around the financial advisory profession, Investment Advisor, May 2010
Financial planning is one of the nation's fastest growing careers, April 2010
Prof. Harold Evensky interviewed by Morningstar on cutting-edge financial topics.  Listen to these interviews on the fiduciary standard for financial advisors, the bucket approach to retirement savings, and the use of annuities in retiree portfolios. March 2010
Finke interviewed by Morningstar on redemption fees, March 2010
Hyrum Smith earns 2010 PhD Dissertation award from the American Council on Consumer Interests, March 2010
Latina of the Year Enrolls in Financial Planning Master's Program, February 2010
Finke and Huston receive CFP Grant, February 2010
Katz talks about financial planning students and the future of the profession in Financial Advisor Magazine, January 2010
Red to Black Program receives AFCPE Outstanding Financial Counseling Center Award, November 2010
Evensky quoted in Investment News about what advisors are thankful for this holiday season, November 2010
Governor Rick Perry and Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin signed a proclamation for National Financial Education Week October 4-10.  See PFPA students with the Governor, October 2010
Dr. James' research on personal finances and homeownership quoted in USA Today, October 2010
Dr. James quoted on regarding minority investors, December 2010
Professor Katz and Dr. Huston participate in "Economics of Loyalty" survey, December 2010
Katz discusses Business as Usual in CFP Board Report, December 2009
Personal Financial Planning is rated one of the fastest growing jobs by CNNMoney Magazine, October 2009
Several Texas Tech PFP Alums are listed as Houston Region's 2009 5-star Wealth Managers, September 2009
Evensky discusses Modern Portfolio Theory in Financial Advisor Magazine, August 2009
Texas Tech graduate, Madison Nipp, featured in the New York Times, June 2009
Finke elected President-Elect of the American Council on Consumer Interests for 2009-2010.  He will serve as President the following year, June 2009
Professor Katz Featured in Investment Advisor 25: Game Changer, May 2009
Sandra Huston, Dottie Durband, and Cynthia Cantu honored by the College at Annual Faculty/Staff Awards Reception, April 2009
Katz testifies before Senate Aging Committee, March 2009
Texas Tech PFP is featured in Help Wanted: Advisors Under 50, April 2009
Texas Tech is "Building" Your Next Hire, April 2009
Evensky Addresses Client Communications in Volatile Markets, Oct. 2008
Red-to-Black peer advising and education featured in Chronicle of Higher Education, Sept. 5, 2008
Gustafson winner of annual Heart of Financial Planning Distinguished Service Award, August 8, 2008
Katz discusses Smart Ways to Inflationproof Your Retirement Portfolio in U.S. News and World Report, August 8, 2008
RIA Special Issue Magazine quotes Dave Welling and discusses findings of the Texas Tech Student Survey, July 2008
"Bullet Proof Your Nest Egg", Harold Evensky and Deena Katz, June 14, 2008
Texas Tech Students make a Statement in Schwab Survey, June 4, 2008
"Best Schools for CFP Coursework"...alumni, Victor Garza, states in Financial Planning Blog June 2, 2008
PFP Faculty member Michael Finke has been elected to serve on the board of the American Council on Consumer Interests. May 27, 2008
Deena Katz, Associate Professor, named one of the Top 25 most influential individuals in and around the planning profession by Investment Advisor.  May 2008 p.44
Texas Tech a faculty that "Aims High" with Theory and Practice  May 5, 2008
Pennington, Bass, and Carter say Texas Tech Degree "Opens Doors" May 5 2008
Investment News...Texas Tech PFP is a Model Program April 28, 2008
Charles Schwab Donates 1 Million Dollars for Technology Center April 28, 2008
Danielle Winchester named first Schwab Research Scholar April 29, 2008