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Undergraduate Internship Program

Program Overview

In order to assist the internship supervisor in evaluating progress of the intern, the following outline of student responsibilities is provided. The list below indicates the in-class as well as internship activities required.

  • Internship Time: A minimum of 300 hours of participation in the internship is required of all majors. Students are encouraged to be available to go beyond the minimum if time and opportunities make it worthwhile. It is assumed that a regular schedule will be established by the supervisor and the intern. Each student is expected to organize work schedule so that blocks of time of at least 3 hours can be made available for internship.
  • On Campus Class: Two group internship class times are scheduled to supplement the internship hours. The class will meet at pre-arranged times for semester enrolled in PFP 4307. The class periods are used to discuss expectations, progress and experiences from the internship experiences as well as other issues of a related professional nature.
  • Reports and Projects: Each student is required to complete the following reports and projects during the internship period.
    • Midterm Report: Response to open-ended questionnaire
    • Activity Log: A brief diary of internship activities and reactions.
      Do in two parts -- Midterm and final report.
    • Project: Completion of design project or case study.

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