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Professional Concentration


A traditional curriculum for a physics major, intended to prepare the student for going on to graduate study or for seeking employment in the private or government sectors as a physicist. A typical sequence of courses begins with PHYS 1408, 2401, 2402, and 2305 for a total of 15 hours at the introductory level. These are usually followed by the intermediate and advanced sequences, PHYS 3304, 3305, 3306, 3401, 4301, 4304, and 4307. Students desiring to pursue advanced degrees are recommended to take advanced topic courses. The required mathematics courses for physics majors are MATH 1451, 1452, 2450, 3350, and 3351. MATH 3354 and 4354 may be substituted for MATH 3350 and 3351. Students planning to pursue an advanced degree in physics should consult the physics undergraduate advisor about appropriate additional courses. For additional details, see the Undergraduate Booklet.

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