Texas Tech University

Environmental Track

The objective of the environmental track is to prepare students for careers in the administration of environmentally-based agencies and organizations. The curriculum provides students the professional skills necessary to be effective environmental administrators. Students will learn how theory, politics, and science drive environmental policymaking. Students will learn how climate-change impacts administrative decision-making at all levels of government. The track required courses offer a mixture of classroom and hands-on experience to students seeking to work in the emerging field of environmental science and policy. These courses allow students to interact with international, national, state, and local environmental leaders as they learn to apply classroom knowledge and techniques to real life environmental problems. The environmental track requires that each student successfully complete nine (9) hours of core coursework: One three (3) hour science-based, one three (3) policy-based core course, and one three (3) hour elective core course from either the second semester (a) science-based and/or (b) policy-based second semester core course(s). In addition to these core courses and the required environmental-based internship, students must also choose two electives from the specific list below.

Environmental Track Requirements

  • PUAD 5326
  • PUAD 5345
  • PUAD 5346

Electives (3)

  • PUAD 5342
  • PUAD 5348
  • PUAD 5335
  • PUAD 5321



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