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Political Science Major/Minor Degree Requirements

The political science curriculum is designed to provide students with a solid foundation and broad understanding of the discipline of political science and allow them to specialize in areas of particular substantive interest. Students seeking an undergraduate degree in political science must complete 30 hours of coursework within the department. Political science majors are required to take POLS 1301. Although POLS 2302 is required, students who received an A or B in POLS 1301 may substitute another approved POLS course. All majors are required to take POLS 3310, 3361, 3371, and 15 hours of upper-level POLS courses (must include 6 hours of writing intensive courses).

The requirement for a minor in political science is 18 hours, including POLS 1301 and 2302. Students who received an A or B in POLS 1301 may substitute another approved POLS course for POLS 2302. Political science minors are also required to take either POLS 3361 or 3371 plus 9 hours of upper-level POLS courses.

Political science provides excellent instruction for students interested in politics, law, journalism, teaching, or civil service. Insight into political values, domestic policy issues, and foreign policy are invaluable for students interested in such careers as well as for careers in business.

Under state law, all students who receive bachelor’s degrees from Texas Tech must have received credit for 6 semester hours in political science, covering the federal and Texas constitutions. Students will normally fulfill this requirement by completing POLS 1301, which is a prerequisite for all upper-division political science courses, and POLS 2302. A student who earns an A or B in POLS 1301 may substitute in place of POLS 2302 one of the upper-level courses marked with an asterisk in the course list. Permission of the instructor may be required for such substitution. 

Teacher Education

Students seeking certification to teach in the secondary schools of Texas may qualify for such certification by completing requirements for the Bachelor of Arts. Consult the political science advisor and the College of Education for details.
Requirements and Prerequisites. POLS 1301 is a prerequisite for all upper-division political science courses. A student must receive at least a C in courses in political science that apply to major, minor, or teaching field requirements.

Joint Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program

Undergraduate political science majors may apply for admission to the political science master’s program during their junior year. If accepted, they will begin taking graduate cour-es during their senior year. Nine hours of graduate coursework taken during the senior year will count toward both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. For more information, contact the graduate advisor at polsgrad@ttu.edu or visit the department