Texas Tech University

Katherine Austin-Beltz, Ph.D

Kathy Austin-Beltz is a graduate adjunct faculty member in Psychology and Public Administration, as well as the Assistant Vice President for Information Technology.

She earned her Ph.D. from Texas Tech University in 2005 in Experimental Psychology, with a focus on cognitive abilities, program assessment, multimedia and instructional technology, and research design. Her current research interests include program assessment in public institutions, ethics, and multimedia learning. Austin has published over twenty articles and has been published in many multidisciplinary journals, such as Computers and Education, Journal of Computing in Higher Education, International Journal of Engineering Education, Journal of Education for Business, and Instructional Science.

She is co-PI on an NSF grant that studied ethics instruction and is working to obtain additional funding. She has taught various statistics graduate courses and currently teaches Information Technology in Public Administration and Program Evaluation and Assessment.