Texas Tech University

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration focuses on the policy and practice of healthcare within a medical institute. Health administration is public administration because almost all healthcare institutions are either in public or non-profit. Administrators make choices about alternative courses of action that their organization might take in a rapidly changing medical and policy environment. Program graduates work in hospitals, clinics, healthcare/ social service non-profit companies, the Health Care Financing Administration, Texas Department of Health, and health care consulting companies. All students take both concentration requirements and electives. The electives are designed to allow flexibility to develop specialized expertise and leverage the resources available in other university programs. These courses allow students to interact with healthcare mentors as they learn to apply classroom knowledge and techniques to real life healthcare administrative situations. The healthcare administration concentration requires that each student complete nine (9) hours of core coursework. In addition to these core courses and required healthcare-based internship, students must also choose three electives with approval from a healthcare administration-concentration advisor. (If the student is a practicing healthcare provider, s/he must complete six (6) hours of core concentration coursework and twelve (12) hours of elective concentration coursework.)

Concentration Requirements (6-9 hours)

PUAD 5334: Healthcare Policy and Administration
PUAD 5364: Comparative Effectiveness of Healthcare Delivery Systems
*Prerequisite: PUAD 5319 Research Methods or Instructor Consent
HOM I 5306: Introduction to Healthcare Systems
*This course is required of students identified as not being a practicing healthcare provider
*Students identified as being a practicing healthcare provider will substitute this course with an elective

Electives (9-12): Three-Four courses as approved by advisor