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Fiscal Administration Track

Fiscal administration deals with a wide range of activities essential to the successful financial op-eration of a government or nonprofit organization. At a minimum, it deals with all aspects of budget processes, including demand for and provision of public goods, structure and processes of revenue generation, administration of public debt, and management of idle cash. Fiscal admini-stration requires knowledge of collective bargaining, risk management and insurance, purchasing, and inventory policies. The fiscal administration track aims to prepare students to have a basic understanding of these concepts and how they are applied in real world situations as well as to develop an appreciation for analytic frameworks for financial administration and to acquire technical skills that would be useful for a career in public management. Toward that goal, the track is structured around courses where students will be required to take both within the department and outside. In addition to taking the six core courses that all public administration students are required to take, fiscal trackers will be taking four required and two elective courses related to their field of specialization (See Below).

Fiscal Administration Track Requirements:

PUAD 5326
PUAD 5342
PUAD 5346
PUAD 5348-Cost/Managerial Acct.

Electives (2)                                                                                                                                    PUAD 5321, PUAD 5352                                                                                                                        ECO 5310, 5316, 5320, 5324