Texas Tech University

Non-Profit Management Track

The objective of the nonprofit management track is to prepare students for careers in the management and administration of nonprofit organizations. The curriculum provides students the professional skills necessary to be effective nonprofit board members, executive directors, grant writers, fundraisers, event planners, or volunteers. Students will learn how nonprofit organizations become and stay incorporated, attain funding, impact the community, secure and maintain social legitimacy, work with the public and private sectors, and recruit and retain effective employees and volunteers to advance their specific missions. The track required courses offer a mixture of classroom and hands-on experience to students seeking to work in the nonprofit setting. These courses allow students to interact with nonprofit mentors as they learn to apply classroom knowledge and techniques to real life nonprofit management situations. The nonprofit management track requires that each student take four specific courses in addition to the core courses and the internship. Students must also choose two electives from the specific list below.

Non-Profit Management Track Requirements

  • PUAD 5335
  • PUAD 5346
  • PUAD 5348 (Grantwriting and Fundraising For Nonprofit Organizations)
  • PUAD 5348 (Collaborative Management)

Electives (2)

  • PUAD 5326
  • PUAD 5345
  • PUAD 5321

Other approved courses



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