Texas Tech University

Public Management Track

The primary objective of the public management track is to prepare students for careers in the administration of governmental and nonprofit organizations. The curriculum provides the professional skills that employers demand and the critical analytic skills needed for career advancement. There are two specific objectives for the track. First, the track provides students with the Technical and managerial skills necessary for the effective delivery of public services. Second, the track provides students with the analytic skills to understand the formulation and implementation of public policy in the context of political, social, and economic challenges. The required courses in the public management track further develop skills from the core classes by focusing the skills that public managers need to accomplish work through others and to manage programs, analytic and ethical issues related to public administration, information technology, and financial management. Each student must declare an area of emphasis within public management by the end of the second semester in the program. Areas of emphasis include city management, and organizational management. Students can develop alternative areas of emphasis with the permission of the track coordinator and MPA program director.

Public Management Track Requirements

  • PUAD 5326
  • PUAD 5345
  • PUAD 5346

Electives (3)

  • PUAD 5342
  • PUAD 5348
  • PUAD 5335
  • PUAD 5321

Other approved courses



Public Administration