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The Center for Public Service (CPS) provides professional management training opportunities to members of the public sector and promotes learning through community service on behalf of the Department of Political Science and Texas Tech University. In support of this mission, the CPS works closely with the Department's Master of Public Administration (MPA) students and faculty.

In its training mission, the CPS is guided by the management philosophy promulgated by the National Certified Public Manager Consortium: that the quality and efficiency of management in government have a major impact both on the lives of citizens and the orderly functioning of society. In this regard, comprehensive training programs are essential in maintaining and improving the effectiveness and professionalism of public sector managers. The Consortium is responsible for establishing accreditation standards for the CPM designation. Additional information on this topic can be found under Certified Public Manager Program.

The CPS strives to be a strong collaborative partner with the public sector and university communities. It seeks to facilitate mutually beneficial liaisons, providing pro bono services where appropriate. The CPS hosts an annual fall Symposium, which includes a nationally recognized keynote speaker and present a distinguished public service award.

CPS strives to enhance the effectiveness and professionalism of public-sector managers through our CPM program as well as our various outreach and collaborative research project efforts. Through these outreach efforts and programs, the CPS pursues its mission to provide quality professional management training to the public-sector community and to promote service-based learning. The CPS also has the capability to tap into a range of resources to provide varied research services to the public sector.


Sung-Wook Kwon, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of the Master of  Public Administration Program and Center for Public Service.

For information, please contact Era Ibarra at 806-834-3729.

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