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Robert Forbis

Dr. Robert E. Forbis Jr. is a visiting assistant professor of political science and the Master of Public Administra-tion Program (MPA). He teaches courses on: Environmental Politics and Policy, Environmental Administration, Environmental Law and Regulation, Public Lands and Resource Law and Policy, Energy Law and Policy, Sustain-ability Policy, and Environmental Justice.

Professor Forbis’ research focus is an ongoing exploration of the energy development and environmental protection policy nexus. His research spe-cifically addresses political conflicts derived from the “fracking” process of Coal-Bed Methane Natural Gas (CBM) development as well as other forms of domestic energy development initiatives. His dissertation drew upon on policy subsystem theory to identify conditions under which stakeholders within the Bureau of Land Management’s policymaking environment strate-gically responded to the political conflict that emerged from the modern-day federal expansion of CBM energy development in the states of the Rocky Mountain West.

Prior to his arrival at Texas Tech Dr. Forbis was an assistant professor at Idaho State University. He earned his Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Utah, Master of Public Administration from the University of Utah, and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas-Austin.