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Partnership of Women in Engineering, Research, & Science

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About the PoWERS ListServ

The PoWERS ListServ is meant to be a method of communication among women engineers, scientists and clinicians at TTU and TTUHSC. Often we never meet or get to know each other, yet we share common concerns. We can feel isolated yet we deal with common issues and problems. This has been a long-standing problem, and the PoWERS team felt a listserv might be a way for us to communicate with each other and freely discuss whatever is of interest and concern to us as individuals and as women professionals at Texas Tech without fear of repercussions. Therefore, we wanted to create a listserv where all postings would be done anonymously. Feel free to speak about anything that is of concern to you; all we ask is that you do not submit objectionable material - things that are obscene, unlawful, threatening, vulgar, obscene, racially or ethnically objectionable - you get the idea. However, if you are being harassed by anyone in your department, speak up about that!

Our Listserv is modeled after the SYSTERS ACADEME listserv (http://www.cra.org/Activities/craw/projects/sys-aca.php), and we hope you will use it. From time to time, the PoWERS group will post questions for your opinions on these issues and we may ask for your help on ongoing projects in which you may have an interest (we promise there will be no coercion). Please participate. The listserv is for your benefit. We need each other and we hope someday to make our connections grow to include all the women in the Texas Tech System. Welcome to Lyris!

The PoWERS Team:
Karlene Hoo - TTU
Charlotte Dunham -TTU
Caryl Heintz - TTU
Marjorie Jenkins - TTUHSC
Cynthia Raehl - TTUHSC
Stephanie C. McClure - TTUHSC
Robin Gamble - Project Manager
                         Holden Hall 281
                         742-1004 ext 248


List Guidelines

  1. Please do not forward PoWERS list mailings, or disseminate information in PoWERS messages, without first obtaining permission through the PoWERS office.
  2. Remember that this is a private list, and only PoWERS members may send to the list.

These guidelines assure that the list remains a safe and comfortable place to discuss important issues.


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