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Partnership of Women in Engineering, Research, & Science

Recruiting Program

The Recruiting Program is intended to facilitate a greater understanding of why women should be targeted for recruitment, along with peer group pressure to increase the number of women in faculty candidate pools.

Search Committee Training - STRIDE

The adoption of the Science & Technology Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) program from the University of Michigan is aimed at improving recruitment of women, and ultimately, a more diverse faculty.

Our goal is to educate department chairs and their search committees on the importance of increasing the number of women in applicant pools and to provide successful strategies to achieve this goal.

Outcomes or measures of effectiveness of this program include: success in placing ad-vertisements in productive sources, number of women applying, number of women in the final pool, number of women invited for on-campus interviews, number of women hired or being hired as a trailing spouse, size of startup packages (space included), and initial salary.

The expected benefits of the STRIDE program include: new procedures for recruitment at the university level, increased awareness of gender issues related to recruitment, increase in the number of women faculty in the candidate pool, and increase in the number of women faculty hired.