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Partnership of Women in Engineering, Research, & Science

Third Year Review

The pre-tenure and promotion assessment program provides a real-time trial run at preparing the promotion and tenure (P&T) dossier and addresses the issue that women do not understand (or often are not told) what is required for tenure and/or promotion.

The goal of the required third year review is to provide junior faculty candidates with an objective evaluation of their progress toward promotion and tenure so that they can better plan for their future. Women will benefit from the implementation of a third year review because it will assure that they have the same access to information that men often share informally among themselves.

Third year reviews are especially important because they allow candidates to be appraised of strengths and weakness in teaching, research and service criteria needed for making adequate progress toward tenure and promotion in time to make changes. In addition, the third year review provides the candidates with specific information about how to prepare a dossier and gives them the opportunity to develop a work plan as part of their annual performance reviews for the remainder of their probationary period.

The benefits of this program will be in dispelling unwritten and unrealistic expectations (which can be unintentionally introduced) at the end of the probationary period.