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Pre-Professional Health Careers

The Pre-Professional Health Careers Advisors

Karlissa Black - karlissa.black@ttu.edu

Margie Brown - margie.brown@ttu.edu

Leslee Castro - leslee.castro@ttu.edu

Ileana Hinojosa - ileana.hinojosa@ttu.edu

Alyssa Hudspeth - alyssa.hudspeth@ttu.edu

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Mission Statement

The Pre-Professional Health Careers Office is strongly committed to student success. We provide quality academic advising to Texas Tech undergraduate students interested in a career in the health professions, so as to provide students with an excellent educational experience while attending Texas Tech and at the same time satisfying the health professional schools' prerequisites.


The goals of the office are to insure that students meet the academic requirements of Texas Tech University and simultaneously satisfying the prerequisites for the health professional schools in which they are interested. Another goal is to aid students in the preparation of admission packages for their application to health professional schools.


The objectives of this office are to stay current with all the Texas Tech academic requirements so as to provide quality advising to students, as well as to stay current with all of the professional schools prerequisites. Quality advising also means directing students towards appropriate majors while satisfying the pre-professional health career requirements. The office has set forth goals including the following: to provide students with copies of academic course requirements, provide students with statistical data relating to the health professions such as average GPA's and exam scores required for admission and to aid students in the preparation of their health professional school admission packets, particularly relating to the collation of letters of recommendation. The office also supports and sponsors undergraduate groups whose members are interested in health careers.

Academic Advising Philosophy

Academic advising is a collaborative educational process where advisors and their students are partners in meeting and ensuring academic, personal and career goals. A collaborative relationship between advisors and students encourages student success.


Pre-Professional Health Careers