Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism

Fourth Interdisciplinary Seminar


INTERDISCIPLINARITY, widely admired as a stimulating and uniquely fertile approach to inquiry, can be rather an elusive phenomenon in the real world. Yet even a casual interdisciplinary conversation often gives off exciting sparks. Therefore this symposium will feature opportunities for both formal and informal exchanges.  All the presenters, and we hope all the attendees, share the belief that artistic activity communicates an important and irreplaceable sort of meaning, but how, and why? What is the nature of this meaning? Does it vary from art form to art form, or even within a given art form? These and similar questions will serve to focus our dialogue, which although pluralistic, will not sacrifice disciplinary rigor in order to achieve interdisciplinary goals. Live musical performance and visual-art examples will be incorporated in the presentations. A wide variety of views on the nature of meaning from diverse philosophical and semeiotic points of view will be discussed, including the sweeping contributions of Charles Sanders Peirce  both to philosophy and semeiotic.

    William Westney, D.M.A.

    Symposium Coordinator


Meaning in the arts:

an interdisciplinary conversation

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