PCard Frequently Asked Questions

  • My password expired how do I set a new one?

    Passwords expire every 90 days. Allow pop-ups on your computer and Pathway will automatically prompt you to change your password. Follow the prompts in the pop-up box.

  • My card declined what do I do?

    For purchases over the phone, verify the vendor has correctly obtained the card number and expiration date. For purchases via internet, make sure you have typed in the correct billing address. Still no luck? Call the Pcard office for an override.

  • Who do I call to add a new FOP to Pathway?

    Email the new FOP to purchasing.pcard@ttu.edu

  • Where do I send the money for taxes/reimbursements?

    You will need to make the refund deposit in University Deposits, 163 Drane Hall. You will need to attach a copy of the deposit receipt to your allocation log.

  • What account code do I use for _____?

    The Chart of TTU Account Codes can be found on the AFISM website: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/afism/reference/codecharts/

  • The list of restricted purchases found in the Procurement card Guidelines.

    The list of restricted purchases found in the Procurement card Guidelines page 5: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/procurement/documents/PCARD%20Guidelines%209-14-09.pdf

  • When are the statements due?

    The Pcard Newsletter is sent out monthly with statement due dates and upload dates.

  • How do I get on the distribution list?

    Request your name added to the list by sending an email to purchasing.pcard@ttu.edu

  • When is the next pcard training?

    Pcard trainings are set up as needed applicants will be contacted via emailed when the class is available.

  • How do I get access to Pathway?

    Request access to Pathway by email

  • I am at the post office to buy stamps, my card is declined. I know stamps are allowed on the p-card, how can I resolve this?

    11. I am at the post office to buy stamps, my card is declined. I know stamps are allowed on the p-card, how can I resolve this? Call the Pcard office at 742-3253 and we will put an override on your card.

  • Can other employees in my department use my p-card?

    Card sharing is allowable with written approval from the cardholder. The cardholder remains responsible and accountable for appropriate use of the p-card. However, Payment & Travel Services does not recommend card sharing due to the voiding of fraud protection by the issuing bank if someone other than the cardholder has used the card; whether authorized by the cardholder or not.

  • Who can I contact to get an exemption to buy an item on the p-card restricted list?

    In an emergency an email or phone call with a follow-up email will need to be sent to Payment Services Director, or Section Manager.

  • I cannot find the receipt for a purchase on my log, what do I do?

    Contact the vendor for a copy of the itemized receipt or fill out the Missing Original Receipt Form found here: Forms page

  • What do I do if I obtain a position in another department?

    Send an email with your termination date and request to close your card to purchasing.pcard@ttu.edu

  • The vendor could not give me an itemized receipt, what do I do?

    Fill out the Missing Original Receipt Form found here: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/procurement/ttusers/
    Remember that state FOP’s cannot be used with a missing receipt form.

  • What should I do if a purchase I didn’t make appears on my p-card log?

    Contact the vendor for a copy of the itemized receipt or dispute the purchase. The form for disputes is found in the guidelines page 13 : PCard Guidelines

  • My p-card expires in a month, how do I obtain a renewal card?

    Renewals are automatically issued by the bank and sent to the p-card office. You or your department reconciler will be notified by email when the renewal cards have arrived.

  • The vendor charged me tax and I didn’t notice until I was reconciling my receipts to the p-card log. Now what do I do?

    Contact the vendor for a credit or make a deposit for the taxes with University Deposits, Drane Hall 163, and send the receipt along with your allocation log.

  • I lost my card, what do I do?

    JPM Chase immediately 1-800-890-0669

  • Are stamps allowable on the P-cards?

    Yes, this is allowable. You must call P-card Services in advance for an override.

  • Can I purchase Software from out of the country?

    No, this is not allowable see the Restricted list on page 5 of the Guidelines: PCard Guidelines

  • Are iTunes and iPhone apps allowable on the pcard?

    Telephone services and equipment are only allowable with written approval from Communication Services.

  • Are iPads allowable on the card?

    iPad’s are controlled so you can only buy one if the cost is less than $500. Remember repair service for this is not allowable on the pcard.

  • Can I purchase alcohol with my P-card?

    Yes, with verification from Financial Accounting and Reporting (742-2970) that the FOP allows it.

  • Are room rentals for an event allowed on the p-card?

    Booth space for an event or exhibition is allowable on the procurement card.

  • Airport parking an allowable expense?

    Travel and related expenses are not allowable on the procurement card.

  • Are webinars allowed on the P-card?

    Yes, a registration fee is allowable on the pcard.

  • Are conferences outside the US allowable on the P-cards?

    Yes, a registration fee is allowable on the pcard.

  • Are gratuities and tips allowable on the P-cards?

    Yes, tips are allowable, but make sure the restaurant hasn’t already included the tip on your receipt.

  • Why are services not allowable?

    Services are taxable which would require a yearly IRS form 1099. Currently, purchases made with the procurement card do not have adequate information for proper 1099 reporting.

  • What is considered a service?

    A purchase is considered a service when a value is added to a product by someone applying effort to or improving the goods. Such as buying oil for your car is a product. Paying someone to put the oil in your card is a service.

  • Why is catering considered a service if it’s food?

    As described above, it is the preparation and delivery of the food that constitutes catering as a service. There is a fine line between a meal in a restaurant and catering. Catering is considered a service based on the delivery of the meal to a location off the premises of the preparer.

  • Why do certain vendors have to be overridden and can we make it permanent?

    Vendors requiring an override are set up in a category we have restricted based on their Merchant Category Code. We will only allow purchases from these vendor’s on an “as needed” basis.

  • Why do other documents have to be approved if statement is already approved?

    Most forms that need a separate signature are some form of exception approval. We require an authorized approver sign the exception form to indicate their approval of that particular exception.

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