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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Travel:

    State of Texas Travel Card

  • How do I request a State of Texas Travel Card?
  • The Individual Bill Travel Card Application is available at The completed form should be submitted to Travel Services (MS 1094 or Drane Hall Room 332). Once the application is received by the Travel Services, the applicant will receive an email with instructions to complete the remainder of the application online with personal information that is not supplied on the TTU Application. Once approved by Travel Services, CitiBank will run a personal credit check prior to issuing the card. Notification will be sent to the applicant from Travel Services when the card is available for pick up. The cardholder will be responsible for all charges resulting from use of the card.
  • Online Travel Application/Voucher

  • What approvals are required for travel?
  • If the destination is within the 50 United States the travel is approved by the traveler’s supervisor.
    If the travel is outside the 50 United States including Canada and Mexico the traveler must also obtain approval from The Office of International Affairs (OIA) prior to departure even if personal funds are used.
    In each of these cases, when the OIA and/or Chair’s approval is required, a copy of that approval is to be submitted with the voucher at the end of the trip.
  • Are there any Travel Vouchers that must go to the SPAR Department before they are sent to the Travel Department?
  • No, it is not necessary for the vouchers using grant funds to be sent to the SPAR department. The SPAR accountants will review and approve the vouchers online.
  • What if the departmental information for the traveler is wrong?
  • You may contact Vendor Services in Purchasing to request the information to be updated.
  • What happens if the trip gets cancelled? Do I have to do anything?
  • It depends on whether or not there were any non-refundable charges, such as airfare, agency fees, lodging deposits or registration fees. If there were any non-refundable charges, you will need to file a voucher (unable to use state funds). Be sure to include the reason why the trip was cancelled. If the charges were refundable, you will only need to cancel the Travel Application. If a TR or advance was included you will need to contact Travel Services.
    To cancel the Travel Application:
    Go to the Online Travel System website at
    Click on “Application” on the left side of the screen.
    Log in with your eRaider User ID and Password.
    Click on “Cancel an Application/Voucher”.
    Click on the Application Number that you want to cancel.
    If you cannot cancel the application, there is probably a transportation request (TR) or advance processed for that trip. Please contact the Travel Office for further assistance.
  • What happens if I submit an application twice for the same trip?
  • You must cancel one of the Travel Applications. See how to cancel a Travel Application above.
  • What kind of travel needs to be filed online and what can be processed on a PO?
  • All travel for Employees, Prospective Employees and students (Graduate and undergraduate) may be processed through the online travel system. TR’s for airfare may be processed for Prospective Employees. Lodging for Prospective Employees may be processed through the Guest Lodging Procedures in TechBuy. You may not use the online Travel System for Travel Expenses for a Non-Employee/Speaker/Participant. The Travel Expenses for Non-Employee’s will need to be processed through TechBuy.
    If you plan to use a FOP from state funds for a Non-Employee/Speaker/Participant you need to contact Purchasing.
    If you plan to invite an individual from a foreign country you first need to contact Bob Crosier in the Office of International Affairs. If the individual does not have a SSN you will need to process their travel expenses through Purchasing. If the individual has a SSN you may proceed with the Online Travel System.
  • I can’t get the online system to let me complete the application. What should I do?
  • The most common error is that there are not enough available funds for the FOP or there is not an active account code for the FOP. If you receive the error message regarding the account code please make sure the FOP has enough available funds for the account code used on the application. Please check with the Fund or Org manager if you are not able to check the fund availability. If the funds have just been transferred please wait for the transaction to update. It might be 3 to 4 hours or the next day. Also please make note of the fiscal year in which the trip occurs. You will not be able to enter applications for the next fiscal year until the budgets for that year have been established.

  • What happens if I only entered the State FOP in the Travel Application and there is an overage that can be claimed on one of our local or grant FOP’s?
  • The travel system allows a FOP to be added on the voucher. You can add a FOP from local or grant funds and include the Travel Exception Form for the overage.
  • I received an email stating that the Travel Office has not received a signed voucher and receipts for a Travel Voucher submitted on such and such date. What should I do?
  • This is an automated courtesy notification from the Travel System that the Travel Office has not received the signed voucher with the receipts. You need to complete the Travel Voucher process by sending the signed voucher along with the appropriate receipts to the Travel Office. If the travel is funded by a FOP from grant funds the voucher may have not been approved by SPAR. If it is not funded by grant funds and you know you mailed the voucher a few days before the date of the email please contact Travel Services.
  • How do I pull up a saved unsubmitted voucher?
  • You are able to retrieve a voucher on the online travel system at Click on Voucher>Fill out or complete a voucher>enter traveler’s name>click on traveler’s name>a list of open applications will appear>the unsubmitted voucher will be listed as “In Progress”>click on the application number to retrieve the voucher.
  • I seldom fill out a Travel Application and Voucher. Is there any on-line help for me?
  • Yes, training materials are available at
  • How long after receiving my Travel Voucher Approval from the Travel Office will I actually receive the funds by direct deposit?
  • The morning after you receive the notification that travel has approved your voucher – you will receive an email notification of an ACH deposit (if you are on direct deposit for payroll). That morning the file uploads to the bank and the transfer begins. Depending on your bank – it can take up to 48 hours for the funds to post to your account.
  • Advances

  • Are travel advances allowed for prepaid expenses?
  • Travel advances are allowed for prepaid expenses (airfare, registration fees and hotel deposits). The advance is approved when the Travel Office receives a copy of the employee’s credit card statement with the charges. The statement may either be faxed or mailed to the Travel Office.
  • I paid for my tickets with a personal credit card. Can I receive a cash advance when I receive my statement?
  • Yes, the employee is eligible to receive an advance for any prepaid expenses paid with their travel or personal credit card. The advance for airfare, hotel deposit or registration is requested on the application. The advance is approved when the Travel Office receives a copy of the employee’s credit card statement with the charges. The statement may either be faxed or mailed to the Travel Office.
  • Are travel advances allowed for non-prepaid expenses?
  • Advances for Non-prepaid expenses may be requested and will be approved 5 working days prior to departure. These types of advances are restricted as follows:
    Airfare – will be allowed, however, the traveler will need to fax a copy of the itinerary confirming the cost of the airline ticket before the advance can be approved.
    Lodging – only the lodging amount set by the state or federal government for the destination city will be allowed (up to 90% of the expense listed on the application). Hotel taxes may be added; however, the amount requested for hotel taxes may not exceed 9% for travel within Texas or 15% for travel outside Texas.
    Meals – the per diem amount set by the state or federal government for the destination city will be allowed (up to 90% of the expense listed on the application).
    Rental Cars – no advances will be allowed for rental cars. The reason for this is that rental cars must be charged to credit cards, so travelers do not need cash advances, reimbursements will be provided on the voucher.
    Other – the only “other” expense that will be allowed is $50 for taxis and shuttles, when needed. Advances for parking or mileage to and from the airport are not allowed.
  • Lodging and Meal per Diems

  • What is the per diem for meals?
  • Meals are limited to the per diems for each locality as published by the U.S. General Services Administration. .If city or county is not listed, the per diem is $46.00 effective 9/1/2011. The per diem rates change annually and should be verified prior to each trip. Travelers may claim per diem or actual cost with itemized meal receipts; however, per diem cost cannot be exceeded.
    Per Diem Meal costs allow:
    • Breakfast 20% of daily per diem
    • Lunch 30% of daily per diem
    • Dinner 50% of daily per diem
    Meals may be claimed based on departure and arrival times. Time of departure is determined as one hour prior to flight departure and arrival is determined when the plane lands.
    • Departure prior to 8:00 a.m. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Departure prior to 12:00 p.m. Lunch and dinner
    • Departure prior to 5:00 p.m. Dinner
    • Arrival after 9:00 a.m. Breakfast
    • Arrival after 1:00 p.m. Breakfast and lunch
    • Arrival after 7:00 p.m. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    Up to 15% tip may be claimed with itemized meal receipts (tips are not allowed on state funds)
    Alcohol will not be reimbursed
    Meals included with registration fees may not be claimed on the travel voucher
    Meals included with Food and Entertainment may not be claimed on the travel voucher as a per diem meal.
  • What is the per diem rate for lodging?
  • Lodging is limited to the per diems for each locality as published by the U.S. General Services Administration: If city or county is not listed, the per diem is $77.00 effective 9/1/2011.
  • If I don’t claim the maximum allowable rate for my meal, can I use the excess on my lodging?
  • Yes, if the maximum meal rate is not claimed the amount not used can be rolled over to increase the maximum lodging rate.
  • What if I stay at a Hotel that is going to be over the contract rate?
  • You will need to submit the completed Travel Exception Form with the voucher and claim the overage on a FOP from either local or grant funds. Please contact SPAR (Sponsored Programs Accounting and Reporting) first if you will use a FOP from grant funds. Note: When you are completing the Travel Voucher, you can claim the overage on the FOP from local or grant funds by clicking on the box that says “Exceed locality rates”.
  • How do I handle hotel deposits?
  • Hotel deposits can either be charged on the traveler’s state travel card or personal credit card. If charged to the travel or personal credit card, the traveler may request an advance to cover the charge similar to paying for airline tickets in advance by submitting a copy of the credit card statement.
  • The hotel charged one rate for some days and another rate for other days. How do I handle this?
  • Complete the Hotel Expense section for each rate exactly as charged on the receipt.
  • Transportation

  • Can I purchase my airline tickets on the Internet?
  • You may purchase your airline tickets on the internet if you are paying with your personal or travel credit card. However if the traveler will be reimbursed from state funds the airfare receipt will need to include the fare basis code. Please make sure the airfare receipt includes this information which is a requirement by the state. Please remember to check the contract airfare-if the cost of the airline ticket exceeds the contract rate, you will not be reimbursed for the excess without a reasonable explanation.
  • Are there any exceptions to the rule that Texas Tech will only pay contract airfare?
  • The Travel Office may not approve more than the contract airfare rate for reimbursement of airline expenses. There are generally NO exceptions, unless there is a bona fide legitimate reason. The Travel Exception Form will need to be completed, preferably prior to the travel and submitted with the voucher. The explanation “Scheduling Difficulties” will not be accepted without further detailed information.
  • How do I use SWABIZ for Transportation Requests (TR)?
  • Instructions for using SWABIZ are available at:
  • Where can I find the state contract rates/vendors for vehicle rentals?
  • Vehicle rentals may not exceed state contract rates or vendors without an Exception Form. Rates and vendor information are available at Contract rates include all required insurance and insurance will not be reimbursable. Liability insurance is reimbursable if non contract vendor is used with a reasonable explanation. Itemized paid receipts are required with the Travel Voucher. Provide explanation on the Travel Voucher if rental car and taxi are used for the same trip.
  • How is mileage determined if my personal vehicle is used for travel?
  • Travelers shall print a map from Mapquest: of the mileage from the Headquarters to the Duty Point and submit this documentation with the Travel Voucher or reimbursement. Travel outside of the Texas/New Mexico/Oklahoma area by personal vehicle must be compared to what airfare would have cost at least 30 days in advance of travel.
  • What is the mileage from Headquarters to Lubbock International Airport?
  • Mileage from Headquarters to Lubbock International Airport is 8 miles.

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