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The Texas Tech Journal of Higher Education

Volume 1, Issue 1; April 2009

What's it All About?

Understanding the world of higher education is clearly not as difficult as deciphering quantum mechanics, but insight into the former may nevertheless seem dauntingly elusive at times. Enter All Things Texas Tech (ATTT) where higher education – its history, planning efforts, policy, and developments are considered – all in the context of Texas Tech University and the communities its serve.

"From here it's possible . . ." Assisting TTU's Ascent During the Second Decade of the 21st Century

"Every thing that is done on these West Texas Plains ought to be on a big scale. It is a country that lends itself to bigness. It is a country that does not harmonize with things little and mean. Let us make the work of our college fit with the scope of our college. Let our thoughts be big thoughts and broad thoughts. Let our thinking be in worldwide terms".
– Paul Whitfield Horn (1870-1932)
American Educator, First President of Texas Technological College (now Texas Tech University)

Strategic Planning in Transition Periods

Years ago I was driving down the street when I saw an inscription on the façade of a building. I was so struck by the words that I stopped my car and wrote them down: "A long pull, a hard pull, a pull together." I hadn’t thought much about this quote until last year when Texas Tech University was challenged to "pull together" to accomplish its vision and strategic plan.