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On Commencement . . .

September 2009


Commencement. In the context of higher education ceremonies, it may mark an end to studies for a degree. But true to its dictionary meaning, commencement is a beginning – the beginning of a graduate’s journey of life-long learning.

Indeed, a president of a major research university noted well: “Alumni are students with degrees.” Texas Tech commencements are marked by two important traditions. First, all undergraduate and graduate students are offered the opportunity to receive their degree personally from the Texas Tech president. Second, prominent speakers are invited to share their sage advice, in the form of short though memorable speeches, on the “road ahead.”

At All Things Texas Tech, we take the opportunity to publish, with the speakers’ permission of course, papers based on commencement remarks along with photos and video clips of their presentations. Full multimedia coverage of commencements events are also available on Texas Tech Today. Visit these sites often to share in the wisdom of Texas Tech commencement speakers.


Spring 2009

Ambassador Karen P. Hughes – May 2009 Graduate School Commencement
Passion and Perspective | Video

Scott Pelley - May 2009 Undergraduate Commencement
Be Prepared to Test Yourself - Sixty Years From Now | Video