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Volume 2, Number 1; April 2010

Food, Fuel and Fiber

Guy Bailey

A new book looks at America in 2050 when our population tops 400 million. Texas Tech is in a position to become the university that answers many of the questions of where will the food, fuel and fiber come from to sustain that additional 100 million in population growth the country will see in the next 40 years. Is Texas Tech the university of the next 100 million? Our research strengths certainly put us in that category.

Guiding Strategic Planning at Texas Tech – A Possible Model for Peer Institutions

Bob Smith
Provost and Senior Vice President

During the past year, the Texas Tech University community has been actively engaged in a strategic planning effort. The result – a plan prepared and reviewed by the TTU Board of Regents on Feb. 25, 2010. The plan – Making It Possible: Texas Tech’s Strategic Plan for 2010-2020 – and its development represent a success story that deserves description for TTU community members and as a possible model for other universities.

Seas of Change: Libraries in a Digital Age

Donald H. Dyal
Dean, Texas Tech Libraries

The Texas Tech University Libraries are in a constant state of change in order to continue to support the academic advancement of its patrons. The demand for the most current technology and faster ways to research is high, and the TTU Libraries have stayed true to the mission of the libraries but have molded itself to accommodate the lifestyle of the Digital Age.

Texas Tech Libraries "Making it Possible ..." – Meeting Your Research Needs

Marina Oliver
Associate Librarian

The mission of the Texas Tech University Libraries is to connect users with resources that advance intellectual inquiry and discovery. The addition of a robust electronic collection of databases, e–journals and e–books is allowing the Libraries to deliver scholarly resources to researchers’ desktops 24/7.

From the Heart of the Storm – Texas Tech's Field Research Programs

Tanya M. Brown
Doctoral Student

Texas Tech made headlines during the summer of 2009 for chasing storms. For five weeks in May and June, graduate students and faculty from Texas Tech and their partners, University of Michigan undergraduate students, battled through the rain, wind, hail, and a tornado, during VORTEX 2, the largest tornado research project in history, to collect valuable, one–of–a–kind data from the heart of the storms.

On Commencement . . . The Value of Life's "Intangibles"

Donald E. Powell
Commencement Speaker

Donald E. Powell delivered the Aug. 8, 2009 commencement address to Texas Tech University graduates in Lubbock. His remarks to graduates focused on life’s intangibles and the importance of truly learning from one’s experiences.